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Mr Hublot Won Two International Awards
With rendering sponsorship of Fox Renderfarm.


Mr Hublot, an eleven-minute animation directed by Laurent Witz & Alexandre Espigares of Zeilt Productions, Luxembourg, was rewarded the Grand Prix S3D Seine-Saint-Denis award in Dimension 3 Festival——an international event for 3D and 4K contents on June 20, 2013.

Mr Hublot won the title of Best of Show in Best Shorts Competition, which is an avant-garde worldwide awards competition showcasing and rewarding short filmmakers with eye-catching and high grade shorts and new media. Please visit the Best Shorts website, for more information.

Mr Hublot was sponsored by Fox, the largest render farm in Asia with render service dedicated by the professional Fox team in November 2012.

Fox Renderfarm, the strategic V-Ray partner, enjoys the widest range of use in the globe for CG animation, VFX, architectural design, advertising and game scene etc and possesses the largest size of workstations in Asia and 24*7 professional render service. As a leading and energetic team which has successfully rendered numerous 3D movies, Fox owns mature work teams and cooperative relationships with renowned companies on a global scale.