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Join Evermotion Challenge 2013 and Speed Up renders in Fox Renderfarm


Evermotion, the apple of Computer Graphics, is a polish-based company which creates and develops products that help CG artists with their 3D visualizations by speeding up their workflow and increasing their quality of output, announces the start of Evermotion Challenge 2013. The competition begins on 3rd September and will run till 22nd October.

The theme of the competition is to create a visual representation showing the home of the future which can be both inside and outside the house, as well as an item of home furnishing. In the contest, contestants have to be standout with creative idea and execution in their projects.

Fox Renderfarm, as a golden sponsor of Evermotion Challenge 2013, supplies 50$ rendering credits for EVERY participant, which means every participant will get one coupon code to recharge the 50$ rendering credits at Fox Renderfarm. 

Rules of using Fox Renderfarm's Coupon Code:
1. Login at!in.action
2. Fill in the blank space after "Referrer" with coupon code (60006)
3. Every participant can use the coupon code only once.
4. Validity of coupon code: Only valid during the competition in 2013.
5. The $50 rendering credits can be only used for rendering at Fox Renderfarm, and it can be used at anytime if you recharged successfully with the coupon code.

The prizes worth reaches 10 000 euro and you can win the best software and hardware for cg artist!

1st place - 6775€ in prizes:
FOX Renderfarm rendering credits for 500€

2nd place - 3364€ in prizes
FOX Renderfarm rendering credits for 300€

3rd place - 1939€ in prizes
FOX Renderfarm rendering credits for 200€

More details here: