Boosting up Rendering in Render Farm

Nowadays, we are living in a technological age where almost any kind of thing or operation can be done via computer technology. Especially, computer technology has witnessed a giant leap in the past two and half decades with the invention of internet and software engineering.  We are also living in the era of advanced cinematography where the introduction of various top class software led us to 2d and 3d visual effects, graphic design and VFX and so on. The advanced computer technology and software decorate our online world. They are now widely used in all types of rendering to create animated movies, various architectural designs, advertisements, gaming and animations and so on, like Avatar, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Wall-E.

Animation rendering is a great business to give animation a new look. Animators do not need to perform any uphill task since all they need is a computer to create their projects of art and illustration and 3D animations with the help of rendering service. Many designers rely on PC or Mac for their various Photoshop and rendering. Earlier, the Macs were used readily for printing and designing of various graphics. Now, rendering from render farms turns out to be a better and faster solution for their architectural 3D interior designs and exterior designs and so on.  The reason behind it is that render farms, equipped with 3D software, large amount of nodes as well as professional CG experts, can assure better and faster rendering results.

Rendering service from render farms isn’t and never was the exclusive right of large studios and 3D artists. Smaller studios, many freelance artists, students from animation schools and institutions can enjoy them as well. Compositors and freelance motion-graphics artists can also make use of them. Some editing systems, which support the use of additional machines, is called render nodes  to be extended to architectural visualization and even digital audio workstations.

If you are planning to get your project done in a short time in budget, you can have a detailed look at the rendering service from fox render farm. Fox Render farm is one of the most popular online rendering providers with users from all over the world. This render farm has got the latest technical setup, the most advanced facilities, a large number of nodes as well as 24*7 service for animators, VFX supervisors, graphic designers and architectural designers and so on. With more than 2000 work stations, the incredible speed of rendering of Fox Renderfarm will definitely blow you away!

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Era of 3D Rendering ——What Has Really Changed?

3D rendering has absolutely made our life more interesting and fascinating. It is no doubt a fastest growing industry which has amazed and attracted every person from all walks of life, for example, the film industry and animation industry. Movies like Jurassic Park, Toy Story, Avatar and etc, are excellent examples of 3D rendering.

3D rendering is the 3D computer graphics process of automatically converting 3D wire frame models into 2D images with 3D photorealistic effects or non-photorealistic rendering on a computer. This kind of technology has reformed the film as well as animation world and made illusion come true. Now, 3D rendering has made glamorous life more glamorous by using cloud rendering technology. The special effects and life like images created with the support of 3D rendering technology make illusion and fairy tales comes true on the screen where character moves vivid and active. Artists used advanced 3D rendering technology to create 3 dimensional images and scenes   and they have seen new opportunity for their work since they used to think that art industry is declining point.

Rendering is the final process of creating the 3D image or animation from the prepared scene. It can be compared to taking a photo or filming the scene after the setup is finished in real life. Several different, and often specialized, rendering methods have been developed. Render farm is a good source of fast and professional rendering service.  The cloud rendering service from render farms, no doubt, has made the post-production more energy-saving and time-saving.  Rendering may take from fractions of a second to days for a single image/frame. Rendering sometimes may take a long time even on very fast computers since the software is essentially “photographing” each pixel of the image. What’s more, the calculation of the color of just one pixel may be led to a great deal of calculation.

The good news is, render farms with a large number of working nodes can greatly shorten the rendering time. Guess how faster you can get if the rendering process never stops but running 24*7.  Obviously, render farm is a really awesome solution to those who want to get their projects done in a short time.  Meanwhile, there is no need to worry about the cost of rendering farm even though they own the most advanced facilities and thousands of nodes. The fast rendering speed will also greatly keep your rendering cost lower than you can imagine.  Fox Renderfarm, a large online render farm in Asia, is such kind of cloud rendering service provider, which owns top class facilities and thousands of nodes. Speedy rendering and reasonable cost are definitely their amazing advantages!

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Cloud Rendering Helps Meet the Deadline

Dan and Jason, two professionals and dedicated writing and directing team who are always keeping pushing the boundaries with their absurd, funny and twisted cartoons. They have got plenty of awards in this regard as they know how to get into the soul of the art. They have directed various comedic campaigns in US and UK movies and also have directed a number of TV shows. Except for being successful directors, they are also excellent story tellers, skilled writers and character designers. In recent times, Oscar, a health insurance company, took the valuable services of Dan and Jason to provide them with an animated campaign, which was produced with so much fun and amusements for viewers.

The animated movie contains plenty of humor and charm since have been presented to be involved in unlikely medical situations. These conditions are however not a big concern for them and they find themselves in super adorable circumstances. Although, the topic of the health care is a bit boring but Dan and Jason have made sure that the attention of all viewers will be maintained. The designs of Dan and Jason demonstrate throughout the Oscar’s brand identity in its social media, site, printing Ads as well as digital components of the campaign. The qualities of these two directors like charming personality, hilarious comments and amiable behavior are reflected in every animation.

The animated movies require experienced rendering and these services are provided by render farms quite efficiently. Fox Render Farm, an online cloud rendering techniques provider in Asia, allows its users to access their platform for uploading and downloading files on their own to realize the auto-service function. Fox Renderfarm platform also enables its users posted with the latest technologies in 3D animations and rendering services. Always meets the desired standards of all users by creating the superb rendering result. In addition, they are definitely strict about the confidentiality and safe of the date of all users. NDA will be signed before any rendering is done.

Fox Render Farm, with thousands of render nodes and easy web-based platform, provides fast and quality rendering for animation, animated movies, and special effects and so on. No matter where you are in this world, you can enjoy rendering service in Fox Renderfarm conveniently and smoothly as long as you they have an internet access. It has become one of the leading online render farms in this industry. The engineer team of Fox Renderfarm works day and night to provide you with superb animations and movies. Their dedication towards the animated world is matchless and makes them a unique source for rendering. Their mission is to provide timely help to all users and allow them to meet the coming and urgent deadline.

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Fox Renderfarm- Save Your Time to Build Your Own One

Render farms are built to enable the users to take full advantage of a large number of computers rolling out frames and scenes at the same time. Beyond all doubt, most of people have some old PCs or Macs left unused and available. It is not a bad idea that plenty of time can be saved by re-using these old computers, even some low-end computers to serve as part of a render farm.

A render farm is a large group of computers designed to render graphics and animation etc. They are widely applied in fields such as animation, special effects, video editing, advertisement, architectural design, industrial design, VFX and animated films and so on. Without the support of a professional render farm, the rendering process of the above mentioned projects can take days on a normal computer while consuming a great amount of resources. But, people can outsource their rendering projects to a render farm with its advanced software and well equipped facilities. In short, a render farm can be understood as a big warehouse which is full of large amounts of super computers.

The steps to build a render farm on a Mac are not that difficult and complex as some people suspect. Here are some tips for the creation of a render farm for your own on a Mac as an example. First, purchase a Mac Pro, which better be a customizable desktop Mac with high-performance. So it allows the user to customize the machine for any rendering. Second, two 2.93 six-core Intel Xeon Westmere processors will be perfect and lead to 12 processor cores. In this way, the rendering process can be super fast and time-saving. Third, upgrade the Mac Pro’s RAM to DDR3 ECC SDRAM. Insert eight sticks of 8-gigabyte RAM into the computer. By doing this, it assures a lot of RAM memory in the computer. Fourth, install a Mac Pro RAID card so that multiple drives can be used on the Mac Pro. Fifth, install four 2-terabyte 7200 RPM ATA hard drives into the four hard drive bays of the Mac Pro. Sixth, upgrade the graphics card to two ATI Radeon 5770 one-gigabyte cards. Seventh, add a 27-inch, high-definition monitor as a display. Eighth, keep the Mac Pro connected to your other computer and transfer the necessary project files over as well. Ninth, install software on the Mac Pro. Tenth, you can start render now!
Frankly speaking, Fox Renderfarm, a large online render farm with 24*7 service can be a good option if you are tired of the above steps to build your own render farm. It is always easier to enjoy existing facilities with dedicated service staff to assist you. Anyway, the registration in Fox Renderfarm is so much easier than the building of a render farm on your own too.

Architectural design rendering—Sure You Know How to select good service

Architectural designs need rendering in order to represent a two dimensional aspect covering a real life 3D aspect. However, the current level of technology even facilitates the 3d representation with the help of computer generated illustrations. The idea is ultimately to provide the best viewing of architectural design to the viewers in order to create a real life like scenario for the structure as possible. Obviously, with the continuous improvement and evolution of rendering technology, there are now multiple layers and approaches to architectural design rendering. So now there are several choices even for the purpose of architectural illustrations.

The advantages of using Architectural Drawings’ architectural design services are:
• The final output is editable and will be in DXF, DWG or DGN format.
• As many layers as possible can be created.
• Separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, and centerlines can be generated.
• Text is separated with its own layer.
• Dimensions are intact and are shown in a separate layer.

An architectural rendering can be applied in various kinds of fields. Except for presenting a design concept to clients, architectural rendering can also be used in the company’s marketing materials. Especially when a client wants to go with the design presented in the rendering, or if a design has been slightly altered. Architectural firms need an architectural rendering to display a structure that has not been finished yet to the clients since it may take years for a structure to be finished. In addition to still architectural renderings, there are also computer-animated renderings, which allow a virtual tour of a proposed structure. A large or highly specialized structure may mostly need this kind of architectural rendering service to show the clients the interior and exterior spaces of the structure. While there are many rendering service providers, it is important to look for a suitable one based on its reputation and quality.

About Fox Renderfarm
Fox Renderfarm
is one of the most famous and professional farms that actually offer multiple options for rendering service. Their impeccable reputation suggests that they are good at cloud rendering in all fields, such as animation, architectural design, industrial design, and advertisement and so on. Free trial is available from Fox Renderfarm for anyone who wants to give a shot at any time. Moreover, compared with render farms globally, it is easy to notice that Fox Renderfarm provides the same professional and dedicated rendering service with a more favorable price.

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Render Farms & Architectural Rendering

When a building is being designed, it is important for the architectural team to be able to consider it properly from every angle, so that they will be able to think about every single potential challenge before the building is constructed. Architectural rendering is a good way to do that. Architectural rendering is the conceptual illustration of an architectural design which is often accomplished with the support of computer software. Architectural rendering is frequently used in real estate sales presentations so that realtors can communicate a variety of construction possibilities to their clients in an inexpensive way.

More advanced than simple blueprints, architectural rendering takes advantage of cutting edge technology in order facilitate multimedia presentations. What’s more, it enables builders to easily calculate construction costs before make a large investment in real building materials. Architectural rendering software is able to take 2D blueprints and turn them into highly detailed 2D images of the building, or even into more complex 3D images. As well as images, architectural rendering can be used to produce animated video which allows the building to be viewed from all angles.

These creations are useful for a number of reasons. By creating a virtual construction of the finished building, architects can do scenario analysis on a structure to see if there are any potential issues before it is practically built. Interactive images also give users the possibility of changing any detail of the building so that they can consider how a building would look if those changes were made. This can be used by architects, external designers and interior decorators.  Architectural renderings are also used by those in the real estate trade. This rendering technique can be used for anything from broken down shacks to new builds which are still in construction. Architectural rendering allows buyers to see what their new home might look like before there is a physical building for them to consider. In this way, rendered images are a very effective selling tool.

If you have any architectural designs which need rendering for the above purposes, then contact Fox Renderfarm. The company offers a cloud-based render farm service to offer professional rendering to people in a number of different industries. The render farm has 2000 powerful render nodes, which are in operation 24 hours a day. Because it is a cloud-based service, users of this render farm are able to access the service from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.

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Excellent Movies with 3D Rendering to Watch

3D rendering technology is good friend of many movies, animation and advertisements. It is mainly used to improve quality of images and to make the content accessible through modern gadgets. Previously, 3D rendering technology was limited in the movies only, but at present it is used for many other purposes as well. Some popular movies where 3D rendering technology is used are as follows.


Space Station 3D:

“Space Station 3D” is one of those films where the best uses of 3D technology are noticed. Due to professional use of computer graphics and CGI, it seems that the characters are actually moving through the space station. In this format, it is still one of the best Imax-specific documentaries. Particularly, the sequences look amazing in 3D.


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs:

In this 2009 movie, extensive use of 3D technology is noticed.  Director Phil Lord and Chris Miller have used 3D technology mainly to create amazing visuals.  The characters look charming with tiny quick gags along with falling of giant food from the sky, making the movie quite an engaging watch. They have used special cameras to capture those computer generated images so that these look real on screen. For instance, effects such as fight for saving town from disaster through floating mountain along with cheeseburgers’ initial rain are so eye-catching.


Texas Chainsaw:

Here the 3D rendering technologies have been used widely to develop that massacre scene in an attractive manner. 3D /IMAX technology is used to create that exciting experience. A 3D version of the movie was released too for all the audience. To generate excellent results like these movies, it is essential to get service from a quality render service provider.


About Fox Renderfarm

As one of the officially recommended render farms from Chaogroup, Fox Renderfarm provides rendering solutions using the latest technologies and around 2000 workstations with 24*7 cloud rendering service globally. The rendering service has been widely applied in fields such as animation, advertisement, VFX, architectural design, industrial design and so on. Whenever you log into Fox Renderfarm, thousands of Intel Xeon processors are standing by to take your instructions. Wherever you are, as long as you have internet access, you can enjoy Fox Renderfarm’s cloud rendering service at any time!

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Warming Christmas Ad—Find the Child in All of Us

‘The Bear & The Hare’ tells a classic story of friendship at Christmas – based on the John Lewis theme of finding the perfect gift for ones you care about. John Lewis Christmas campaign is the symbol of animations innovation.  The Christmas tale has been created by hand-drawn animation integrated with 3D sets.
The story is about the animated character of a bear, which has never seen Christmas in his entire life since he goes to his shelter as soon as the winter season starts and they begin their hibernation. But this year, his friend Hare decided to give him the best gift of his life that he has never seen in his entire life. Hare decided to introduce the bear towards the Christmas and the Hare was especially excited about it and so he also asked Bear to give him a nice company. It is a tear-jerking commercial tells story of hare making sure his bear best friend doesn’t miss out on the big day and it definitely will appeal to the child in all of us.
This tale is not innovatory in terms of John Lewis’ creations, but the most appealing thing about it is the way animations are incorporated to present the festival. The innovative combination of animated techniques has evolved the story into entirely new dimensions.  The world of animations is quite interesting as well as innovative. Render is an important part for of animation production. There are many companies around the world which provide professional and artistic render for the production of animations.

Fox Render Farm is among the leaders of render providers in this industry. It has wide spread CG sources to incorporate the animation imagination into the virtual reality. The team has CG experts who are equipped with advanced facilities in large amount and first class quality so that they provide nifty art work considering the modern taste of the young generation. With plenty of render nodes which are easily accessible through online web-based platform, it is extremely convenient to render and control the rendering process at anytime.  Every day, hundreds of clients log into Fox Renderfarm system to submit their render tasks with 24*7 service to meet their deadline.

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Contribution of VFX to Movies

Are you wonder-struck while watching the awesome scenes of modern movies with VFX? Do the spectacular scenes involving dangerous fight sequences or magic scenes that make you glue to the big screen throughout the movie? Well, here lies the contribution of advanced VFX techniques to modern movies.

The advanced VFX technology has completely changed the concept of feature films and other movie clips of modern era. Exceptional picturesque beauty and other tricks that cannot be performed in real life are created in modern moving picture.

What is VFX?

VFX is a rather common term in motion films industry where technology is utilized through innovative means to manipulate imagery. The technology is used to regenerate live action footages or shoot, at the editing table. Generally speaking, Particle Dynamic, Fluid Dynamic, RBD, hair and Massive Prime belong to the scope of VFX.

When is VFX mostly used?
Primarily executed in Post-Production, VFX is mostly used to recreate movie sequences that are stunning and dangerous at times and which will be hazardous to shoot in real location. It plays an active role at the following events –

  • Action of bullet piercing through human body
  • Action sequences involving dangerous stunts like jumping out of a moving vehicle
  • Explicit details of scenes involving plane crash etc

VFX is also used to recreate movie characters. How can anyone forget the lively dinosaurs of Spielberg’s Jurassic Park? Have you ever wondered how those fascinating shots involving the extinct creatures were taken? Well, those are made possible due to VFX. The technology also plays a vital role to create lively and breath-taking 3D effects in modern movies.

The rendering technology is also proved effective to enhance picturesque beauty after shooting any movie sequence. You can even erase unwanted elements, such as barbed wires at the backdrop. VFX experts also use it to highlight movie heroes, which was impossible at post-production scenario of movies even two decades ago.

Presently, digital visual effect is also introduced in still photography through computer generated imagery or CGI for making the picture more vivid and lifelike. Render is a good friend of VFX, good render service provider such as Fox Renderfarm can be a solid support in this industry. Fox Renderfarm offers render service to a wide collection of fields such as VFX, CG animation, advertising, architectural design and industrial design etc.

This article is from Fox Renderfarm, which can also provide Maya rendering service, Arnold rendering service etc. Original site is, please note when you repost it.

Ads like No Other

In the past, advertisements were just a quick shot of a product with voiceover introducing all of the good reasons to buy that item. However, times have changed and advertisements s have become more like a 30 seconds short film which must express much more than just a few facts about the product. Advertising agencies need to create memorable and unique advertisement which can perfectly gain the attention of the audience without making them bored and also can market the product very well; they have been forced to think outside the box in order to create ads which make people want to engage in a real dialogue with the company and its products. Basically, there are two main ways to create such awesome ads: incredible reality or computer generated images.

One of the adverts which won the audience and the market as well because of its use of almost unbelievable real images was the Sony “Bouncy Balls” commercial. This ad made effective use of footage of thousands of bouncy balls cascading down a hill in San Francisco. The bouncy ball TV advert featured 250,000 brightly-colored rubber balls bouncing down a San Francisco street. What was so spectacular is that it was not computer animated. Creating the advert involved shutting off a whole block in San Francisco for 4 days in total and unleashing over 250,000 brightly coloured balls down a steep hill. Although a CGI team was hired to help fill in any gaps, the ultimate outcome of filming (which was all done in one take) was so good that the CGI team weren’t needed at all!

On the other hand, there are commercials which make incredibly effective use of CGI. Adverts such as the Audi Smarter Drive commercials have made fantastic use of CGI effects to create the scene in which the car was being driven through a minimalist and futuristic environment. Although the car you can see in the ad is the car you will be able to drive away from the showroom, however, special graphics effects have been added to the background to make the product the main focal point with both simplistic and futuristic beauty. After shooting images of the vehicle in various driving situations, wonderful special effects in the post production stage are added to make the ad a perfect piece.

If you choose to use CGI in your advertisements, render service from render farm is an indispensible and decisive part for the post production stage. Fox Renderfarm, a large and renowned render farm in Asia, offers professional render services which can help with rendering needs across a variety of industries. The render farm is cloud based, so clients can access it from anywhere in the world!

This article is from Fox Renderfarm, which can also provide Maya rendering service, Arnold rendering service etc. Original site is, please note when you repost it.