Free render time

rendering serviceFrom 16th July 2012, Fox Render Farm together with V-Ray Chaosgroup carry out our first bundle which
is Fox offers free render time to who purchases or upgrades a V-Ray product. And this activity will end
on 16th September 2012 and limited number of vouchers are available,so hurry up and get your free
voucher now!

More details as below:

Get Extra Computing Power for Your Projects

Wondering how to render those heavy scenes and still make your deadline? Purchase a V-Ray for 3ds Max or a V-Ray for Maya license or get an upgrade from V-Ray ADV 1.5 to V-Ray ADV 2.0 and get free render time with Fox Render Farm. Additionally, get a promotional price for any recharge within 6 months after the promotion. Save time and money with this great promo bundle!

This is a limited offer which expires on September 16th, 2012.
Please read the Promo Terms & Conditions for more information.

Render Power Bundle Terms and Conditions:

·         This promotion will be valid for orders placed between July 16th – September 16th, 2012.

·         For the purposes of the V-Ray Render Power Bundle, Fox Render Farm will provide 500 render time vouchers each at the price of 300 USD. Each voucher is valid for a period of two years.

·         300 of the vouchers will be given away to clients who purchased a new V-Ray license and 200 will be given to clients who purchased an upgrade.

·         This promotion will be closed when the last voucher provided by Fox Render Farm is given away but not later than September 16th, 2012.

·         A single customer can get a maximum of 3 vouchers (1 to 4 purchased/upgraded license/s = 1 voucher; 5 to 10 purchased / upgraded licenses = 2 vouchers; 10 and more purchased/upgraded licenses = 3 vouchers).

·         A client who has taken part in this promotion can upgrade to Plan B offered by Fox Render Farm (0.09 USD per core hour) for any recharge amount within 6 months after this promotion has been closed.

·         To be eligible for this promotion, the client should fill in a short Survey upon placing an order.


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