Fox Render Farm Support V-Ray: Decisive Moment

As one of the most creative events for V-Ray Chaosgroup 10th Anniversary, this Decisive Moment challenge started from May and lasted more than 2 months. Hundreds of artists have entered this challenge which is really a tough question for the judges to pick the winners.
Decisive moment is the split second when everything changes. It could be an instant from history that altered everything on Earth. Or a pivotal point in time that changed you personally. Perhaps the decisive moment is when the CG artist learns they have won a prize in the V-Ray Tenth Anniversary Challenge.
The winners of the V-Ray Anniversary Challenge: ‘A Decisive Moment’ Challenge are announced recently:
1.The First prize winner Darko Vucenik (DarkoV) from CROATIA.

Judges’ comments
As Daniel Buck says, there is no doubt this is his pick of the litter. And especially the render part of this job, he thought is all around the best, and also got a very unique style. It seems Darkov has paid much attention to the lighting, rendering as well as composition of this picture. Also he chose a very controversial topic for his work: Drink driving is always a hot issue in our society, which is very attractive.
2.The Second prize winner is Gregory Kryuchenko (Gizoo) from UZBEKISTAN for ‘Air Dream’.

According Jeff Mottle, this is another very strong image and IMHO the only other one of the bunch that really represent the competition theme. Good composition, story, lighting and action. What’s more, the boy standing in the ladder which is rendered in a more illustrated technique makes the scene look more photo-real.
3.Third Prize in the ‘Decisive Moment’ V-Ray Challenge goes to Toni Bratincevic (InTerceptoV) in the USA.

Judges’ comments:
Lon Grohs thinks it is a great story, and it is related to the main theme of this challenge ‘the decisive moment’. But there are also some small points that could be improved. The first thing is that more tension is needed. The second is although the composition is interesting; it’s hard to for us to read the action.
Fox render farm is honored to participate in such a meaningful challenge and glad to have a chance to help the three winners to create more excellent works in the future! Also Fox would like to say thank you to the winners as well as all the participants: Thanks for your masterpieces that bring the joy to the world!

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