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Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. Does Fox Renderfarm support batch render?

    Currently Fox Renderfarm does NOT support batch render, which means users can Not submit multiple tasks at one go. Users need to submit render tasks one by one. Yet it is OK to submit multiple tasks and render them simultaneously. We are kicking ass to work out this problem and assume that this function is available by the end of Feb, 2013.

  2. Can you install a specified plug-in that is not in your system, in-house plug-in for example?

    Yes. Fox Renderfarm can install a specified plug-in as users requested, even though it is an in-house plug-in. Yet, we suggest users offer us the plug-in for testing in advance. If the testing works well, we will estimate how long it takes to install the plug-in so that to arrange for rendering. There is no extra charge for installation.

  3. How long will it take to render my project?

    It depends on the complexity of your project. There are no standard answers to this question. Every user's project is different, so is the rendering time it costs. We suggest users to test several frames in the file, seeing how long it takes to render them so that to estimate the rendering time and cost for the complete project. Users have $20 for free trial. The estimation would be more accurate if users pick a couple front frames, middle frames and posterior frames from the scene file to test. For example, if you have a 100-frame scene file, you may test frame 10, 30, 50, 70 and 100.

  4. What is Unlimited Render?

    Users who buy Unlimited Render package can have a certain number of nodes in a certain period. It is flat rate and no extra charge for technical support. This period can be a week or a month. It depends on users' demands. During the validity of Unlimited Render package, users may submit render tasks as many as possible. Unlimited Render package will save budget for big project production. For more details about Unlimited Render, please check Unlimited Render.