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Upload & Download

Upload and Download

  1. Why can't I upload through IE?

    Please check whether you are using 32 bit IE. If so, the widget for uploading may not be installed properly. In this case, please install it manually.
    The download link for manual installation:

  2. Why can't I upload files on Mac and Linux?

    The online upload function is only available on 32bit IE browser in Windows. Users of Mac and Linux may upload files through FTP or our client to our servers.

    FTP download link:
    Fox Client download link:

  3. How can I upload the maps if I find they are lost?

    You can still upload them as you did before. If you have already submitted a render before you find your maps are lost, you need to abort the task then upload the lost maps and submit a new task.

  4. I saw you have Auto Upload function on the client. How does it exactly work?

    The Auto Upload function is very convenient. When you log in our client, and choose the project directory you need, take blender_project for example, right click when you are in the directory, you will see Auto Upload and choose the folder you want to upload, then the client will auto upload the folder to our server, even though some files of the folder are put in later, as long as you log in the client, it will auto upload those new files to our server so that you don't need to do it again.

  5. There is an Auto Download function on the Task Control of the client, but I don't see it on the web. What is it for?

    Yes, the Auto Download function is only available on the client. There is no such function on the web platform. By using this Auto Download after submitting a new render, you don't have to wait till all images come out. The system will download images do your computer automatically as soon as they come out.

  6. Can I use a third-party network disk for transferring?

    We do NOT suggest users to transfer files through a third-party network disk because we can NOT ensure that we are able to download the files successfully or not. If you do need to use a third-party network disk, we recommend you to use Skydrive of Microsoft. The maximum size for single file uploading on Skydrive page is 300MB, which can be raised to 2GB after installing Skydrive app.

  7. The upload and download speed is very slow. How can I speed it up?

    The first option would be our Fox Client. The client's upload and download speed is faster than web and FTP transfer. If the speed is still slow, you may contact our customer service representatives for help.