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How to submit 3ds Max Render

How to submit 3ds Max render?

  1. Click 3ds Max Render on the left-hand menu or the 3ds Max Render icon on the control panel, then it will turn to render-submit page:
    submit 3dsmax render 01 step

    submit 3dsmax render 02 step

  2. Then select Project Directory and the render file:
    submit 3dsmax render 03 step

    submit 3dsmax render 04 step
    Note: If your file has been analyzed before, it will show "analyzed" and will not be analyzed again.
    submit 3dsmax render 05 step
    Then there will be a pop-up dialogue explaining the analysis.

  3. Once the file is finished analyzing, please click Render:
    submit 3dsmax render 06 step

  4. Then it will turn to Render Settings page. Usually the system has analyzed your software version and rendering parameters. You may check whether they are correct or not and change them if they are not right.
    submit 3dsmax render 07 step
    Then Plug-in Settings
    submit 3dsmax render 08 step
  5. Render Plan and Render Mode: there are two plans and modes for rendering
    submit 3dsmax render 09 step
  6. For details of Unlimited Render and Metered Render please check: Price
    • Render frame by frame: It means the system will render your scene frame after frame. There is only one machine to render your task. After one frame is done, the next frame will be rendered right away. The advantage is, you are allowed to check the result of first several frames. If the result is not correct, you may pause your task immediately to save time and budget. If it is correct, you may switch to "Full-speed rendering", which will speed up the render and assign machines as many as possible to your task.

    • Full-speed rendering: This render mode is for experienced users or tasks which have rendered out several frames correctly. Using full-speed rendering will speed up your rendering since the system will assign machines as many as possible to it.

    • If you are going to render still image, there will be different options:
      submit 3dsmax render 10 step

    • Lastly, click "Next" and a render task will be submitted to the system. After that, you will get a task number which allows you to monitor the progress of task on the control panel.

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