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Archive Files

Archive Files

Maya File: to scenes which use reference, please ensure the reference use relative path that this relative to project directory.
Instead of using reference, we recommend you to import reference into one project file. The instructions are as follow:

File -> Reference Editor-> File/Import Objects from Reference
File -> Reference Editor-> File/Import Objects from Reference

Max File: We do Not support one Max file taking reference from another Max file. To ensure the file to be rendered correctly, please merge all scene files together. The instructions are as follow: File->Import->Merge

Before compression, please make sure all reference is merged.

  1. In the case of Max 2009, click "File" on the menu, then choose "Archive", as shown below:
  2. Select path for your files, click "Save", then your scenes and interrelated files will be compressed into zip file.
  3. Note: Compression function of 3ds Max above may not include meshes, Vray Irradiance Maps, Light Caches and other caches. Please check it with WinRAR/Winzip to make sure whether such files are packaged. If not, you need to add them to the zip file manually.