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Download Files via Fox Renderfarm FTP

Download Files from Fox Renderfarm via FTP

  1. Please download FTP at the bottom of Fox Renderfarm web and install it on your computer if you do not have one:

  2. Then run the FileZilla, and enter information as shown below:
    Username your id
    Password: your registered password
    Port: 21
    then "Quickconnect"

  3. Then you will see local site and remote site listing respectively on both sides and remote site here means Fox Renderfarm server:

    Remind: The project directories on Fox Renderfarm server is named as 3D applications. Users should visit relative directory according to the 3D applications rendered files.

  4. Double-click into the directory that you need to download files from. For example, to download rendered tasks from 【blender_project】, double click into it and select the files from 【blender_project】 and drag them to the directory in 【Local site】:

    Then you will see the file information listing in 【Queued files】 and the downloading is finished when the transferred process shows 100%: