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Task Control

How to monitor your rendering tasks

After submitting tasks, you can take following actions on "Task Control" panel:
  1. monitor the process of tasks
  2. pause rendering tasks
  3. resume paused tasks
  4. abort tasks(cancel rendering tasks)
  5. preview the rendered images

Monitor the process of tasks
Log in and click "task control" on the left-hand menu, you will see the table is divided into two columns, the upper is "running tasks" and the lower is "completed tasks". On the "running" column, you can check the state of each render task.
render task control 01 step

Task #: Each submitted task is corresponding to one task number.
Render file:The scene files to be rendered.
Frames: the amount of frames to be rendered
Status: the status of tasks, such as:
Submitting---prepare to render scene files
Started---already begin to render
Stopped---pause (p.s: when the account has insufficient funds, the task will be automatically paused.)
Resub---submit tasks again, when a task is partially done, click "Resub", then the system will render the failed frames.

Executing: the number of nodes that are currently working on your tasks
Done: the amount of finished frames
Failed: the amount of failed frames.
Charge: how much it charges

Note: When the account does not have enough credits, you will see the letters prompt:"Insufficient Funds".

On the column of "Completed Tasks", you can process archive and download.

Click the task number and you will turn to the page of task details.
Move your mouse to "Preview" and you will see the rendered image.
render task control 02 step