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Fox Renderfarm is looking for Reseller Partners all over the world!

What type of reseller partners we seek cooperation with?

a) The partners we are focusing at are:

b) WE ARE FLEXIBLE! We partner with any potential partner companies or people who are interested in reselling our service. We do not have any restrictions concerning sales channels used by the partners and we are ready to agree with each partner separately regarding to details about the partner conditions!

What do we offer to our partners?
  1. To all of our partners we offer our hardware, software, network and admin background.
  2. Resellers can have their own websites, collection account and set price flexibly.
  3. BEING PAID AFTER SELLING IT – sales model
    There is no cost on our partners' side. Once a customer registering via our partners' website and paying to use our service, our partners will gain a certain percentage of commission.
  4. Date of settlement: the end of every month.
  5. Contractual relationship: We will send the draft partner agreement and a response sheet to companies or people who are interested in being our resellers by email.

For detailed information about the partnership please Contact Us.