Frequently Seen Errors of Blender Render


A. In order to reduce the errors, please submit the complete project files, and avoid to use drive A-D for the path.

B. It's better to place the related font library, material library and other files to the corresponding sub-folder under project directory. For example, you can put all the textures to folder "Textures" and the fonts to folder "Fonts".

C. When you use "Cycles Render", it's better to set up higher value for " Smaples" ( more than 512) and check "No Caustics" to avoid the noises.

D. The parameters of the files should be set up in advance before submit rendering tasks. Our platform will be  

subject to the values of the files. (Except some projects which can be specify)

1. Analyzed failed

a. Blender is loading from B:\plugins\blender\Blender Foundation\ and the relative Blender version to do the analysis, please check is the version exists whether analysis failed.


b. Please check whether the user used drive A-D for the path.

c. Please confirm the size of the files with the user, and whether complete uploading. It's better to suggest the user to upload integrity project directory  


2. Render failed

a. Our platform don't support video format at present, so please check whether the format of the output files is video format,

b. Please check whether the user used the script plugins, if so, we need to arrange TD to configure the script.

3. Incorrect rendering result

The problems of textures:Please check whether there are special characters with the path, or too many subdirectories the textures path. ( When Blender rendering in CMD, it won't read the textures if the paths of the textures are too long)