Frequently Seen Errors of C4D Render


A. Please use "File ->Save Project with Assets" to package the complete project directory before submit rendering tasks, to make sure that all the textures and the cache files load correctly.

B. Please confirm that the uploaded scenes files already saved correct rendering parameters

C. The setting of the "Frame Rate" must be consistent with FPS "Project Settings" in "Render Settings" of the C4D files. Due to inconsistent setting will cause the rendering jobs to render incorrect frame range.

D. Naming rules, the schema name must be a sequence of characters composed of letters (a-z) , numbers (0-9 ) and  underline “_" .

E. In ordoer to aviod the illumination flickering, please generate the Irradiance cache files at your local machine ( Extension ". gi " ). If you set "IR + QMC(Full Animation)" mode in the scene, you will get several formats of files (.gi, .igb, .gid, .gip).  Please place the files into the "illum" directory, and check "Auto Load" option in the scene.

1. Analyzed failed

a. Check whether the analysis nodes installed the corresponding verison of C4D.

b. Check whether the user used drive A-D for the path.

c. Please check the size of the files whether the same with the user' local files, and whether the user has completed uploading. It's better to suggest the user to upload integrity project directory  

2. Render failed

a. Check whether the rendering machines image installed the corresponding verison of C4D.

b.Confirm the version of the software, renderer, and the plugins with the user, then check whether the user configured the corresponding verison in the website.

c. Due to it will render failed if there are missing textures, please confirm whether the user has uploaded the textures and the cache files completely

d.When submitting a C4D render task, please convert your video material in the formats (such as mov,avi) into serial textures before uploading 

3. Incorrect rendering result

a. The problems of textures: Please check whether there are special characters with the path or the filenames.

b. Please check whether configured the corresponding version of the software, renderer and the plugins.