Get Ready For Houdini Render

HOUDINI – 2 Submitting procedures


  1. Default submitting protocol

  2. Houdini can't be submittted from the client APP

  3. Houdini projects preparing instruction


  1. Default submitting protocol

    1. The app will select the version when the hip scene file was saved tacitly, or the higher verion which is closest to it in two sides.

    2. Each machine renders only a single frame in order to get more nodes for a task(file).  Since houdini generates exclusive Houdini textures before the render process, the textures caching process will be long. In this situation a 50-frame task will need 50 nodes to render and and generates the textures cache 50 times if each node only renders a single frame in it's process; However, it will halve the caching time if each node renders 2 frames in the same time, and the rest of the nodes can be used for other tasks, which is better for the cost and productiveness balance. In other words, it's better to render multi-frame for one node, such as  2 to 5 frames regarding the rendering time. Needing additional instructions.


  1. No APP submitting


  1. Houdini projects preparing instruction

    1. The detail software version of the project, such as Houdini 15.5.657.

    2. The detail plugin version of the project, such as htoa.

    3. The drive mapping of the project, such as  drive Z.

    4. The  user-defined configs of the project, such as $JOB.

    5. The path mapping such as Linux path.

    6. For force plugin loading, such as otls, it's merely needed to new an otl or otls folder  with relavant otls plugin, or put the otls's files into the customer's path of fox account ID.

    7. Default Houdini configs referring  to textures or cache is preferred.


Plese told above information to our customer service, Project Manger or Technical  Director,thanks a lot