Frequently Seen Errors of VUE Render

One. The completed render frame cannot open and its format is avi or other video formats.

Error:We don't support rendering files of Vue video format, or the render task involves a single frame and the output format is not set in advance.


  Regardless of a single frame render or an animation render, please set your output format at the animation render option interface as tiff, jpg, tga...such serial frame formats.

  1.Open "display" on Vue


截图 (1).png


  2. Open the Animation Render Options interface

截图 (2).png

  3. Set this output format as serial image format

截图 (3).png

Two, Missing textures

  1. Notifications of textures missing pop up when opening the scene file.

截图 (4).png

  This notification above indicates some Vue textures are missing ( Same when it pops up during a maya or max rendering). Please confirm if the textures are necessary. If those are useful, inform the clients to set the texture path manually; If not useful, please select a random texture from the client or the Vue on the platform.

Three. Incorrect Vue render result

Incorrect image view: Please make sure your camera is synchronized (Synchronize the camera parameters of the Vue in your scene via its plugins); Or look it up as follow

  1. Open the camera of your scene, the following option shows a synchronized camera:  

截图 (5).png


 Since it happens to be a bug of Vue9.5 and Vue10, we will have to have it rendered manually in such a circumstance, including the rendercow itself.

Four. Incorrection happens when Vue is combined with other softwares, which largely due to incorrect object position

  So far this error is found only in Max rendering when Vue and Max are combined in a scene where both Max objects and Vue objects are involved. The objects positions are incorrect while opening the scene for the first time, but it turns correct after a reopening.


   We will have to render it manually to avoid the error. And it is suggested the clients to have the Max objects and Vue objects rendered separately.

Five, Vue scene file and the main file are devided

  It happens to foreign clients and much less to domestic users. The Vue scene file and the main file are devided when Vue is used together with another software.

截图 (6).png


   A pop-up window shows up like above or other notifications of opening the Vue scene when


   The easiest solution is to have the vue scene copied to the indicated path.

Six. Multi-pass output path of Vue in another software

   Error:The CUP of nods shows records of a capacity running during a Max rendering, however the task fails at last.    

   Maya rendering happens the same.

Causation: When the Multi-pass output path of Vue is used in Max or Maya, which couldn't be modified on our platform, and it causes the final task faliure by the losing the output path.

截图 (7).png


 1. Modify the scene file and set the Multi-pass output path as the revelant output directory

 2. Appoint a path with the client and map his output path from our side.

Seven. Vray anti-aliasing setting is too low

    The following pop-up window shows up when open your scene with a standalone PC, and it is caused by the lowly set Vray anti-aliasing in the Vray render quality.

截图 (8).png



   Suggest the user to modify the render quality.