Frequently Seen Errors of VR Standalone Render

1. Be aware that all your uploaded file paths are absolute and involve in E-Z drives only. We don't support shared network paths or IP paths, such as (\\share\project) or (\\

2. We support rendering sequence with one frame per file only.

One. Analysis failed:

vray_standalone wasn't analysed.

Two. Render task failed:

1. Please check if all the scene files are uploaded completely.

2. Please check your vray version for VR Standalone rendering and the version you use in the scene.

Three. Incorrect render result:

 1. When some render results are found incorrect with some texture,light or background, ect. missing, plese check whether the paths of loading  files are existed. And when any texture or files are lost, please upload them to the relevant path via our sync tool before resubmitting the task.

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