Frequently Seen Errors of Softimage Render


A. In order to reduce the errors, please submit the complete project files.  And avoid to use drive A-D for the paths of of the scenes, textures and caches.

B. It's better to place the related textures, caches and other files to the corresponding sub-folder under project directory. For example, you can place all the textures to folder " Pictures" and the caches to folder " Simulation.


C. Our platform will be subject to the values of the files , so the parameters of the files should be set up in advance before submit rendering tasks.

D. Please package the complete project directory (“.scn” files should placed into folder“Scenes”, the caches place into folder“Cache”). For reference, below is the standard Softimage directory.

截图 (21).png

1. Analyzed failed

a. Check whether the analysis nodes installed the corresponding verison of Softimage.

b. Check whether the user used drive A-D for the path.

c. Please check the size of the files whether the same with the user' local files, and whether the user has completed uploading. It's better to suggest the user to upload integrity project directory  

2. Render failed

a. Check whether the rendering machines image installed the corresponding verison of Softimage.

b.Confirm the version of the software, renderer, and the plugins with the user, then check whether the user configured the corresponding verison in the website.

3. Incorrect rendering result

a. The problems of textures: Please check whether there are special characters with the path or the filenames.

b. Please check whether configured the corresponding version of the software, renderer and the plugins.