Frequently Seen Errors of Sketchup Render

1. Please use the absolute path for all assets in E to Z drives

2. If analyze failed, please contact service team to change the node which installed sketchup to re-analyze again

3. If render failed, please choose the failed tasks, and click resubmit button

一、 Analyzed failed

1. Pleae check if the anaylze nodes installed sketchup, pleae check the path: C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015(2016),please check if there is any file inside the folder, if it does not have, the issue may come from the Image

2. Check if there is any A,B,C,D drive used in project directoy. Currently, we only support Sketchup full path render. Rest of path, like share d path(\\server\files), IP path(\\, A,B,C,D drives can not be supported. Please use the supported path and then submit renders


二、Render failed

1. Please check if the file can be opened correctly

2. Check if there is any pop-up when you open the files, which may cause the render failed


三、 Incorrect render

1. If some parts of texture,light, or eniveroment has not been rendered, pleae check if the asset path which loaded in SKP file is correct or not. Please also make sure the drives should be using E to Z drives. If there are some assets missing, please re-upload via SYNC too, and then submit jobs again

2. The internet issue which caused asset can not be loaded correctly.

3. The incorrect Vray verison has been choosen

4. The sketchup version is incorrect

5. After analyzing, client needs to choose render still image or animation while submitting jobs.

四、 Animation rendering files requirement

1. All scenes files must be open in Animation mode as below

2. Scene transitions

SceneDelay value should be set as "0"

3. If render animation sequence, please open two opinions in the Vray option editor as below. otherwise, system will render single frame by default. Our platform does not support Render only Specified frames as the green part in below

4.Tag creates camera, needs to do the operation as below:

5. Tag switches to render camera

6. All assets must be using E to Z drives, we do not support shared path (\\share\project) as well as IP path(\\