Frequently Seen Errors of Renderman Render

One. Task failed:

  1. Please check whether the file could be opened normally;

  2. Make sure no unusual pop-up windows occured while opening the file, since it may lead to failing rendering scripts.

  3. Make sure all the required textures as well as other materials are uploaded completely.


Two.  Incorrect render result:

   1. Be sure of all the materias of the scene are uploaded completely if any textures, lights or background of the object are missing.

And sometimes the missing textures are found due to failed anaysis of some renderman nodes in the Maya scene at our client APP. Please upload the missing files to the relevant routes via our Sync tool before resubmitting the task. ( Meanwhile please send information of the nodes and its attributes which missing in analysis process to our customer service, we will update it in time.)

   2. The renderman version set at the Foxrender Farm client APP is differenct from your local renderman version in your scene, please double check and make the two are the same.