Frequently Seen Errors of RedShift Render

As the project designing resourse is a complex variety, our desktop APP is favourably recommended for the clients to submit render tasks.  

One. Analysis failed

  1. Look up the analysis log and check the version details of Redshift, then go to D:\PLUGINS\MAYA\REDSHIFT  and see if the program file of the same Redshift version exists.

If not, it means the copying and installing failed, please contact the TD.

   2. Confirm the Redshift version with the client and check if it is the same version used for analysing. If not, please ask TD to review and install.


Two、Render task failed:

  1. Open the render log and check if any texture, cache or agent file is missing. If yes, please upload the missing files and try again. The missing textures quoted inside the RS agent are easily being ignored.

  2. Pay attention on the proceeding activities in the nods during rendering. It could happen that it has been fetching resourses like reference, hair cache, rs  overtime due to internet connection or storage problems. Also, this could be told by the proceeding capacity of the internet and storage.

  3. A Redshift render requires ray tracing of large scales of computing which usually causes a long time. The stress could be eased by reducing the amount of nods rendering at the same time.

  4. Internal aborted by the renderer, largely due to too high render setup parameters and the hardware failed to accomplish the whole rendering process. Please open the file and check the render settings, meanwhile, be aware if the settings of illumination of lights and the shadow sample rate are to high.


截图 (1).png

截图 (2).png

截图 (3).png

  5. Some project requires Maya to load plugins before loading the file;

   Such as: the plugin opiumPipe of OF3D project

  6. Failture occurs when the output file name involes in a space

截图 (4).png

  7. Some error may occur because the"renumber frames" option is selected.

截图 (5).png

  8. Note: A render camera must be selected in the render settings in advance.

截图 (6).png

  9. The mel setting before and after the rendering may cause errors, please clear it up.

截图 (7).png

Three. Incorrect render result:

  1. Look up the render log and check if any texture missing notification could be found.

Notification found: open the scene folder and see whether or not the texture exists;

Notification not found: Suggest the client to upload the textures and try again.

  It commonly happens the illumination texture is missing that causes incorrection of the render results.