Get Ready For REDSHIFT Render

As one of the Plugins of Maya, Redshift follows the same orders and settings as every other plugin of Maya. Please be more aware of setting the corrent version before rendering.

And for more details, please refer to the user guides of both Maya client APP and Maya web render.

Content of this Text:

1. Default Render Task Conventions

2. Redshift Client APP Instruction

3. Tips For a Redshift Project Preparation


1. Default Render Task Conventions

  a. The latest software update package is used as a default, the service pack of Maya for instance.And it is a compatible default when a user submits a render of Maya2015 sp6 while the nods on the farm have Maya2015 sp6 installed. For any further inquires, please contact the TD.

  b. We have the default render setting on the platform as having one frame per nod, in order to make the single-task (files) acquire more nods during rendering.

  Before a render starts, redshift creats its special selective textures,  of which the cache takes longer. So, suppose a render task involves in 50 frames. Given by the rule of one frame per nod, we would have 50 nods rendering this task at the same time and creat the texture caches 50 times. But if we had two frames per nod and 25 nods for this 50-frame task, the time for creating the caches would reduce a half. Meawhile it would save the rest 25 nods left for other render tasks.

Overall, the second option works better with both efficiency and productivity. In other words, we can decide the number of frames per nod for render by the time it takes, which commonly set as 2-5 frames per nod.

Note: An additional instruction is required for this setting.


2. Redshift Client APP Instruction

a. Select a nod with both internet connection and the same software and plugin enviroment as the one for the project making.

b. Install the client deaktop APP

c. Set the revelant versions of both software and plugins. Please consult the TD for the required but unlisted plugins.


3. Tips For a Redshift Project Preparation

a. Detailed software version infos for the project: e.g. Maya 2016 extension 1 sp6.

b. Detailed plugin version infos,: e.g. mtoa,shave 8.0v26等。

c. Required drive mapping,: e.g. Z mapping

d. Required Variable mapping,: e.g. Variable mapping for maya $AK47: //…

e. Project path mapping, : e.g. //,path mapping on server:…

f.  Whether forcing to load plugins is required when opening the file

g. Brief description for the project directory

h. Setting the same project path when submitting a task is required when an absolute path is used during the project making. Particularly, a fixed map path is suggested in the operation of an agent or cache.