Frequently Seen Errors of MR Standalone Render

1. make sure that all materials or file  have been in absolute path of E-Z drive

2. if the analysis of render failed, please contact our customer service ASAP and we will help you out.

3. if the rendering failed, please choose  the failed subtask and resubmit, and the resubmitting task will be assigned to other servers automatically.  if failed again,   please contact our customer service ASAP.


1、failure of analysing 

a、check whether the directory path use none of E-Z drive.  mentalray_standalone render don't support internet path(\\\files)、A-D drive 、server path (\\share\project).  if the path is not correct, please change the file path to which path our platform can support and submit your task.

2、the wrong result of rendering

a、if you find the result is not right, please confirm  whether the loaded material path of the maya file is correct and the Path is E-Z drive. if the material loss, please upload the material to right path and submit the render again.  

b、 the network problem cause the incomplete loaded material and failura of mapping path.