Render Guide for MR Standalone Users


first:On the front page click to enter”MR Standalone Render



second:create new project.

1. Click"create new project"

 Input the project name,Choose to use the software version and plug-in version,click OK, click “Next” to go to the page.

clipboard (1).png

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1. click“Upload”,Upload all required documents,Not installed transmission according to propagation prompted to install the browser plugin,Refresh the page after the installation is complete。The server file path must be consistent with local files,The same to drive

attentional:If the file using the absolute path,Does not support B、C、D to drive.

Do not support the network path。for example\\\..   \\computer name\..


for example:The Arnold directory local path for users when they make the whole project:E:\my_project\mr2016_test

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Upload to complete,please refresh the page ,Also for the path on the server:E:\mr2016_test\scenes

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fourth,Submit the rendering task。

ONE,Check the rendering file required,click Next.

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TWO,    Fill in the Settings dialog。

  • for example

Set Project Path:If the file to make map for the relative path to path,Need to set up project path

Rendering frame rate:Requirements must fill out here,Otherwise unable to submit.

Render Priority Column:If need to first test a frame or more frames to check the effect,Can fill in,Most only provide three machines to render.Otherwise don't need to fill out.

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THREE.Complete set,click "Next,submit the task",Task to jump is rendering task page,Enter the render phase,Waiting for the accomplishment of rendering.

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fifth Download task.

Choose to download the task,Select the store path,click ok.

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