FumeFX cache is missing

一. Problem: it shows Fume FX cache can not be found when you submit render. Platform does not support IP path (\\\files), A,B,C,D Drives, server path (\\share\proejct). If the cache path is incorrect, please change it to the path which we could support, like E,F..Z drive, then submit jobs.

If the render images are incorrect, for example like does not have Fume FX fireworks

Below is the image which does not have firewords


Below is the iamge which has it

clipboard (1).png

Solution: Open the file, check the cache content path. Check if your local side has some path like (E:\fx_cache), if yes, please reopen SYNC tool, check if there are correct cache file in the E folder which is in the Max project directory

clipboard (2).png

clipboard (3).png