Render Guide for Maya Users

STEP 1: Click “Maya Render”


STEP 2: Create your own project

  1. Click “Create project”

Input the project name, and select the render system(Only support windows now),  go to next step.



截图 (1).png


STEP 3: Upload all assets you need.

  1. Click “Upload folder"

截图 (2).png

  1. Download and Install upload plugin for browser

截图 (3).png

  1. Refresh the page ,click “Upload folder" again,all file path on Foxrenderfarm storage will the same as your local path,including drives.

Attention: Not support drive B,C,D if you use absolute path on scene file.

Not support IP path of your files,such as \\\..\\computer name\..

       For example: The whole project path on local path is:E:\my_project\maya_test

After uploading finished,refresh the page,the path on storage is alsoE:\my_project\maya_test

截图 (4).png

截图 (5).png


STEP 3, Submit render tasks.

  1. Refresh the page,ticked your scene file, then click the button “ Next”.

截图 (6).png

  1. Config render software and plugin ,and fill In the Pre-rendering parameter.


Render setting:You have to config 3D software and plugins before rendering

Project path:If you set relative path when you are making,you need to config here

Render frames:If you want to modify render frames,you will set here,or it will rendered as default setting of your file.

Priority Render:If you want to check the effect earlier,you can set here,and we will supply up to three machines to render the priority frames.

Manually submitafter analysis is done:If your want to modify camera and other parameters after analysis,you can tick it.

截图 (7).png

截图 (8).png

截图 (9).png

  1. The task you submitted successfully will be shown in the running task list and being rendered. You can check the status for every task under rendering.

截图 (10).png

 STEP 4: Tick task,and download rendered image.

截图 (11).png

截图 (12).png