Render Guide for maya Users

【Desktop App 】Render Guide for maya Users

Tip:This client APP support render tasks of layered file; Please login the APP and open the setting interface (setting button at the top right corner of your APP). Click "General" and select "Enable layered file submission". Then proceed following instructions.

Step One:

   Drug your scene file to your client APP interfact.  ( file format as .ma or .mb)


Step Two:

   Set the required software and plugins of your render task and submit to analyse.

The "project" function is a statistical purpose for the client's convenience and“defaultproject”is the name of the default project on our system. Click " Creat new project" at the lower left corner to creat your own project. And we support a project involves in different softwares and plugins.

1. Click " Add config"

截图 (1).png

2. Selec relevant versions of softwares and plugins for your scene file. And then ''Next"

截图 (2).png

3.  Confirm again the versions of your software and plugins and then "Next", the analysis gets started. Meanwhile, at the botom of the pop-up window, an option shows " Set as default project config, and don't pop up this window again".  You will skip this setting interface next time if this option is checked here. And the default project and its config will be used directly.

截图 (3).png

Step Three:

Modify the parameters of your scene when the analysis is done. Multi-region rendering mode is supported.

1. Then "Next"

截图 (4).png

2.  Make sure the pop-up notifications of errors or warnings could be igmored and then click "Continue to submit"

截图 (5).png

3. Modify the parameters of your scene, click "submit"

Remove the check of the option " enable scene parameter notification", when all your scenes don't require any parameter modification. This option could also be enabled by checking the " general" tab in the "setting" interface.

截图 (6).png

Step Four:

Flie uploading and task rendering start one by one automatically. Number of frames, Done, Waiting, Aborted, Failed frames are all able to see during rendering as follow:

截图 (7).png

Step Five:

Download and check your file.

1. Right click " start downloading",  and the progress bar turns to green.

截图 (8).png

2.  Open "My downloads" and click" Open folder" to check thecompleted render frames.

截图 (9).png

3. The process bar at the "render task" list turns grey when the downloading is done. So that to differ from the undone downloading tasks.

截图 (10).png

    Note:1. The default download folder is changable by checking the setting interface. Under the "Project Setting" tab, you will find your output path where you can select and set your own download path. The customerized path is efficient to the newly submitted tasks after the modification.

截图 (11).png

Note:2. Check the"Auto download after render is done", which is under the“Gerneral Setting”tab in the Setting interface. This function supports downloading completed frames during a task rendering.  The modification is efficient to the newly submitted tasks.

截图 (12).png