Terms and condition

1. To be eligible for your Spinning privilege, you must top up to $500 between 00:00am 26th November 2018 and 23:59 31th December 2018, on Beijing Standard Time.$500 *n equals Spinning privilege multiple by n times (Eg. $1000 = twice Spinning pleasure; $1500 = three times Spinning pleasure)

2. The amount topped up and the coupon you won in the Spinning Game can only apply to Fox Renderfarm product and service. Fox Renderfarm remains the authority of refund, transaction and withdraw;

3. The redeemed coupon code can apply to the account you used to attend the Spinning Game;

4. Winners who win the lottery other than render coupon are recommended to fill in the according email address and name, and up to 48 hours waiting time for Fox Renderfarm agent to contact you for further redemption;

5. Redeemed render coupon are applied to CPU rendering on Fox Renderfarm platform. For GPU render, you may contact our account manager for further request;

6. Fox Renderfarm reserved the final explanation of the event.