Unreal Engine web submit tutorial

Terms of Use

I. Preparations for Unreal Engine web submission

1.1 In the case of web login, please visit web login for details.

1.2 In the case of web transfer, please visit web transfer for details.

1.3 Compare the local and could asset directories.


II. Unreal Engine web submission process (4 steps: submit > analyze > render > download):

2.1 Click “Submit” button on the left, select the software for submission > set a project path (Note: select a project path to map the local Unreal Engine project path) > select the document for rendering, after that, click “Next”.


2.2 Select software version and hardware configuration corresponding to the file (Note: selection of the rendering system(Temporarily support Windows system)), click "Go Analysis", and wait patiently for the analysis to complete.



2.3 Click on tasks of “Analysis Completed", set rendering parameters, Game Map and Level Sequence read the user scene file. One Game Map corresponds to one Level Sequence, set the frame range, height, width and rendering, and finally submit the rendering (Note: the rendering starts at this point).


2.4 On the rendering page, click the job > export the file > download.


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