Cinema 4D analysis error

35000: Texture in file missing

Please check if the following textures can be used in the scene; if yes, use File->Save Project with Assets to package the complete project directory to ensure that all textures and cache files are loaded correctly. If not, it is recommended to clear them up and submit them again. Clearing up method: find the corresponding unused texture in the Texture Manager of the Window menu, and right-click Clear Textures to clear up the unneeded textures.

Note: Manually put the used texture in the tex folder when the ass of arnold is used as proxy because C4D automatic packaging can’t successfully package ass. Confirm whether there is any missing texture in the scene: sometimes the presets used or the textures under other plugins may also be lost. Open the scene:

c4dwar 01 01 a √ symbol means the texture can be loaded normally; a × symbol or Error Loading Texture displayed means that the texture can’t be loaded normally, then re-designate the texture path in the file.

c4dwar 01 02

35001: Texture file is a video file

If the texture in the scene file is in video format which is not supported by the platform, such as, then change the .mov file to a texture format, reload the texture file for resubmission.

35002: Different frame rates

Unify the Frame Rate under Render Settings and FPS under Project Settings.

c4dwar 02 01

35003: Rendering output image in an unsupported format

If the rendering output is in a video format unsupported by the platform, then change it to the image format, package the file and then submit it. The formats unsupported are listed as: Arnold-Dummy, 3GP, ASF, AVI, MP4, WMV, AVIMovie, QuickTimeMovie, QuickTimeVRPanorama, QuickTimeVRObject.

c4dwar 04 01

35004: Turn off “infinite” rendering

Change the Progressive Mode under the Physical of Renderer to: Pass Count or Time Limit mode to avoid “infinite” rendering which wastes valuable time and node resources.

c4dwar 05 01

35005: Realflow cache path setup problem

The RFCache_Folder_macOS path platform does not support the disks “A-D” and network “\” path under RFCache_Folder_Windows, please set the cache path as the E-Z disk letter path.

c4dwar 06 01 Set the cache paths for RFCache_Folder_macOS and RFCache_Folder_Windows as E:\Realflow Cache.

c4dwar 06 02

35023: PNG format output files blocked in Octane passes


Task configuration Octane version: 2020.1.R7


When the Octane render passes format set to PNG, the output files might be damaged, unusable or only have 1kb size (this version is not recommended)

Octane Passes 保存设置PNG格式


Please modify it to another format:


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