Submitting jobs: Vray Standalone attention

Vray Standalone attention:

  1. Only support one file one frame,if there are may frames in one scene file,please generate file again.
  2. Do not use A, B, C, D disk.

Step 1: Login

Visit, enter your email and password, and login.

s1 1

Step 2: Upload assets

Click "Assets" button.

s2 1

Click "Upload" button, choose "Upload file" or "Upload folder".

s2 2 Download and install transfer plugin.

s2 3

Refresh the page,click your file to upload.

Step3: Create new tasks

Click "New Job" to start a new job.

s3 1

Choose render 3D software, select asset directory and render scene files.

vr s3 2

Add render software and plugin version, then save the config.(Notice: Config name is required.) and click "Go analyze" to start analyze files.

vr s3 3 vr s3 4

Step4: Start render

If you need to render photon,your job will be seprate to 2 jobs,one is photon ,the other is final image,final image job will start automatically after photon is completed.

vr s4 1 If you want to download specified frames to check previously, you can double click the job,and go to output,select the frames and download.

vr s4 2

Step5: Download image

Tick done jobs,click "Download" to local folder.

vr s5 1


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