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Fox Renderfarm has different price schemes to meet different users' needs.

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Render Farm price, render farm low cost

Hardware and Software

With 2.000 servers, Fox Renderfarm supports mostly used 3D applications.

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Render Farm Software and Hardware Spec

Intelligent Platform

Auto upload/download files;
Auto analyze scene files;
Real-time email notice.

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Render Farm Intelligent Platform--Cloud Rendering

Nonstop Render Service

24 hours*7 days nonstop render service is offered at Fox Renderfarm.

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Fox Render Farm 24 Hrs Service

The New 'Cloud' Era

With 2.000 powerful render nodes, Fox Renderfarm aims at providing state-of-the-art cloud render service with the whole CG industry.

By using the cloud computing technology, Fox Renderfarm is able to fulfill clients' demands and help them deliver quality works before deadline.

Though the Cloud technology develops and changes rapidly, Fox Renderfarm will keep up with the pace of the Cloud era and provide better and faster cloud render service with our clients.