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Diwali Special Offer
for Indian Users

October 10th to November 4th, 2022 (UTC+8)Recharge Now
Recharge* & Get
Extra 50%CPU Coupon
Extra 25%GPU Coupon
*The minimum recharge amount is US$10.
E.g., recharge US$100 & get


an extra


CPU Render Coupon


an extra


GPU Render Coupon
Detailed Rules:
1. Indian users who recharge between October 10th to November 4th (UTC+8) can choose to receive an extra 50% CPU render coupon or an extra 25% GPU render coupon.
2. The minimum recharge amount is US$10.
3. The render coupons offered will be validated for 12 months from the recharge date.
4. The Diwali Special Offer only applies to Indian users within the official pricing scheme.
5. The render coupons can be used directly for rendering.
6. Fox Renderfarm reserves the rights to alter, amend or add these conditions at any time without prior notice.
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