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A CG production toolkit dedicated to improving the work efficiency of CG artists, which is developed by Fox Renderfarm team.
Raytool available in English only.

See What Raytool Can Help You

Raytool contains plenty of features that can significantly reduce the errors caused by irregular operations during production, so as to help the users make standardized files and reduce the rendering time effectively. What's more, by streamlining the production process with Raytool, the users can focus on creation and complete projects efficiently.

How to Use Raytool

For 3ds Max
For Maya
For Cinema 4D
Raytool for 3ds Max
Latest Version: V1.0.1
Update Time
Software Versions Supported
3ds Max 2012-2024
Installation & Operation
It is recommended to run the 3ds Max with administrator privileges and operate in an empty scene before installation.
Installation Methods:
Method 1
Drag the "Raytool.mzp" installation package file into the 3ds Max viewport.
Method 2
Enter the "Scripting> Run Script..." in the menu of 3ds Max, and select to run the downloaded "Raytool.mzp" file, you will find the "Raytool" menu directory in the menu bar after completing the installation.
1. When the resolution is low, the menu may be collapsed and you need to expand it to show the option.
2. If there is a garbled text display, you can set the language to English in the custom presets to resolve the issue.
Panel Introduction
Find "Raytool" in the menu bar, click on the corresponding tab to switch different categories, and drag the scroll bar on the right to view more functions.
Click on the buttons to open the scripts for the corresponding function.
Click the "+" button in the "Custom" bar to add local custom scripts (".ms", ".mse", etc.). You can right-click to delete or manage the custom directory script files on the added script button.
How to Uninstall
Click "Raytool", select the "Uninstall" option in the sub-menu, and chose "Yes" in the pop-up confirmation window to complete the uninstallation.
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