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    Einige Testimonials unserer geliebten Kunden, darunter Megalis VFX, Tiny Island Productions, Filmofon Animation, Infinite Studios, Animonsta Studios, Wau Animation, Assemblage Entertainment, Freiwillige Studenten von ACM SIGGRAPH und mehr.

    Über 200,000 zufriedene Kunden in über 50 Länder und Regionen.

    Der beste leistungsfähige Cloud Renderfarm Service

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    Integration von Produktionspipeline via API

    Hohe Verfügbarkeit, kein Warten nötig

    Sowhl CPU als auch GPU Rendering verfügbar

    Hochleistungs SSD Speicher

    Leistungsfähige Cloud Renderfarm für Projekteinreichung

    • 1. Keine Softwareinstallation notwendig
    • 2. Verfügbar für Windows, Mac und Linux
    • 3. Die Verfügbarkeit des Renderingservice beträgt bis zu 99,99%
    • 4. TPN-akkreditierter Anbieter
    • 5. Hat einen massives SSD Speichersystem um den I/O Engpass zu beheben

    Fox Renderfarm unterstützt die beliebtesten 3D Softwares, Renderer und Plugins weltweit

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    3ds Max Cloud Rendering

    3ds Max

    Maya Cloud Rendering


    Cinema 4D Cloud Rendering

    Cinema 4D

    Blender Cloud Rendering


    Unreal Engine





    Octane Cloud Rendering




    Forest Pack






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    Bildungsprogramm zur Unterstützung der CG-Studenten und Lehrer bei der Verwirklichung ihrer Träume.

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    If you are a fan of fantasy and adventure, you might be interested in the new series 'The Spiderwick Chronicles', which is coming to Roku on April 19, 2024. The series is based on the popular book series by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, which also inspired the 2008 film of the same name.Image from The Roku ChannelThe show centers on the exploits of the Grace kids, who, following their parents' divorce, move in with their mother at Spiderwick Estate. They find a magical realm there that is hidden from most humans, home to goblins, trolls, fairies, and other fantastical creatures. In addition, they discover a field guide penned by Arthur Spiderwick, their great-great-uncle, who investigated and recorded the mythical creatures. However, Mulgarath, a strong ogre who desires to utilize the guide to conquer the entire world, also becomes interested in it.Image from The Roku ChannelHere are the major actors of the series if you're wondering who will bring the Grace family and their supernatural pals to life. The twins Jared and Simon Grace, portrayed by Lyon Daniels and Noah Cottrell, are quite different from one another but have a similar sense of wonder and bravery. Mallory Grace, their elder sister, is portrayed by Mychala Lee as a tough and devoted fencer who keeps her brothers safe. Joy Bryant portrays Helen Grace, the mother of the children, as she struggles to deal with her divorce and her kids' unusual findings. Thimbletack, the helpful and naughty brownie that resides in the Spiderwick house, is voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer. Additionally, Mulgarath, the vicious and ravenous ogre who seeks to steal the field guide and wipe out humanity, is voiced by Christian Slater. Watch now at:The highly anticipated series aims to be an exciting and fascinating adaptation of the cherished novels, with remarkable visual effects, engrossing characters, and a deep and absorbing narrative. When this series debuts on Roku on April 19, 2024, fans of Spiderwick, whether you are new to the universe or have been following it for a long time, won't want to miss it. Set your calendars and prepare for an incredible adventure!Source: The Roku ChannelBy the way, if you are interested in animation and visual effects, you might want to check out Fox Renderfarm, the leading cloud rendering services provider and render farm in the CG industry. Fox Renderfarm has provided cloud rendering services to countless visual effects and animation studios, allowing them to get the best quality results in the shortest time. You can try their $25 free trial now to speed up the rendering of your 3D projects.


    Chaos has released two updates for V-Ray 6 for Maya, the industry-leading renderer for Maya.Chaos Scatter is a new function for efficiently and easily scattering and instancing objects that are included in the first release, V-Ray 6 update 1. Moreover, it enhances V-Ray GPU and USD operations, incorporates Intel Open Path Guiding for quicker rendering, and includes additional skin glossiness and light decay choices.The second update, V-Ray 6 update 2, is compatible with MaterialX, which is a standard for material exchange between teams and tools. It also provides you more control over your shadows, camera effects, and decals, and allows you to scatter lights with Chaos disperse in addition to geometry.With these updates, V-Ray 6 for Maya provides faster and more effective rendering along with increased creative options and connection.So… What’s up?Light Directionality StrengthImage from ChaosCreate stunning scenes with artistic lighting. With Directionality Strength, you can adjust how much a light’s intensity varies with direction, and make your lighting more realistic or dramatic.Chromatic AberrationImage from ChaosGive your scene a unique and artistic look with chromatic aberration. This post-effect creates a color distortion along the edges of objects, and you can apply it easily from the V-Ray Frame Buffer without using any other software.Shadow SelectsCreate realistic or dramatic shadows with Shadow Selects. You can select any lights in your scene and tweak the color and intensity of their shadows in post-production. This gives you more flexibility and control over your lighting effects.Faster Animation RenderingImage from ChaosSpeed up your image sequences with V-Ray GPU. V-Ray saves bitmaps between animation frames, so it doesn’t have to reload them every time and boosts your rendering speed significantly.V-Ray EnmeshImage from ChaosCreate stunning surfaces with intricate patterns using V-Ray Enmesh. Whether you need to make chainmail, fabric, pebbles, fences, or anything else, Enmesh can do it quickly and efficiently. Enmesh follows the UVW space of your objects and uses much less memory than displacement or copying by hand.As a leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm, Fox Renderfarm is also a partner of Chaos and supports V-Ray and Maya rendering. Fox Renderfarm is now offering a free $25 trial to all new registrants, so let's start rendering!Source: Chaos


    Kaizen's new 3D competition, Lunar Landscapes, has successfully ended and received a lot of amazing entries. During Jesse's livestream, he announced the top 3 winners. Congratulations! Fox Renderfarm, the industry's leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm, is proud to continue sponsoring Kaizen's monthly challenge by offering our render coupons as prizes.Winners AnnouncedThe 1st Place - Webbo’s 'Moon Landing'© WebboWebbo: "In 1961 JFK announces that by the end of the decade man will reach the moon... 'production' begins to make that a reality. This photo from the early 60's proves what happened... but it wasn't the first time something was faked... and wouldn't be the last."The 2nd Place - Ramond’s 'Research in Moon'© RamondThe 3rd Place - Sanjay’s 'Lunar Treat'© SanjaySanjay: "A Well Known Space Agency sent an astronaut crew to the moon surface for some research purpose. Among the crew members there is a dog which is also been taken with them. Due to some technical failures they were crashed on the surface of the moon and some portions of the spacecraft were broken. Mainly the storage portion got more damage which makes the foods to float everywhere and the dog eagarly wants to grab it's favourite dish but it not possible to make it. "MANY A SLIP BETWEEN CUP AND LIP"."Check out the art critique:Let's look forward to Kaizen's next 3D challenge and if you want to follow the competition, you can access the Discord.

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