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Fox Renderfarm's service is very quick and stable. I remember designing a character and preparing it for render, which used to be done in cinema 4D before and they were not very good renders. If you wanted to get a nice image, you really had to push out those settings which took a lot of rendering time. Oh my god, I will render one frame for fifteen minutes, that's crazy! Or maybe even more I don't remember exactly. So I said to myself let's try your service out, I pushed all those settings up to the best quality and I was so impressed by how quick it was. After I just uploaded my work, it suddenly started to come all over like some image sequence, it was so quick!
Jan Míka
Sean O'Reilly
Founder & CEO of Arcana Studio Inc
Tuan Haji Burhanuddin
Managing Director of Les' Copaque production
Shuai Peng
The Head of Production of Original Force
David Guo
Founder & CEO of Tiny Island Productions

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