FOX Renderfarmのビデオレビュー

Sean Oreilly

Founder & CEO of Arcana Studio Inc

Tuan Haji Burhanuddin

Managing Director of Les' Copaque production

A K Madhavan

Founder & CEO of Assemblage Entertainment

Jos Stam

Academy Award for Technical Achievement Winners


Fox Renderfarm worked tirelessly, and patiently with us as we slowly compiled the work of multiple artists across the globe into the film’s final title sequence, as well as a few of the "Glass Cage" CGI shots. Without Fox Renderfarm, we wouldn't have these elements in the film. They worked with us tireless overcoming technical hurdles, and even language barrier. They were really caring and just an incredibly supportive experience. I hope to be able to employ them sometime in the next year or two on some VFX heavy commercial projects should the opportunity arise.

Chris Buchal

Glass Cage

As a small 3D animation studio in France, we need a lot of computing power to showcase our originality. This requires a great number of computers than those used in the studio. We found that our rendering could not be finished without external support. Finally, we found Fox RenderFarm!

Laurent Witzt, 2014 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film


I had used Fox RenderFarm before I started this project, and what always stood out to me was the service. To have people available 24/7 on Skype is so valuable. We all know that late nights can be a regular occurrence in this industry, and often we can’t afford to wait until the next day to solve a problem. No one else offers the service that Fox RenderFarm does.

Michael Wakelam

Anthem Studios

During our production, we needed to quickly render some very complex stereo sequences of over 20 layers each. Fox Renderfarm provided the cloud rendering services and offered great tools to render quickly, cost effectively, and with great flexibility in order to fulfil the deadline at the quality level we needed for our film. The customer service was top notch, and there was always someone available 24/7, something that, given the time zone differences, was greatly appreciated. Overall, it was a great experience!

Julio Soto

The Thinklab

Fox RenderFarm has been very helpful to us during our crunch time on the feature, notably their production coordinator and technical team. They were available 24/7 to assist us in getting our renders out on time and solve any snags we faced during the file setups. The pricing structure offered to us was competitive for the quantity of work we were producing, with render nodes always available for us to use.

Subhrojyoti Banerjee

Makuta VFX

Thank you very much for the help you’ve provided. Pretty much the most responsive support I’ve ever had.


VectorZero is a loyal Fox RenderFarm client, because they always have the best support, we always turn to them when in need.



I am very impressed with Fox RenderFarm and am loving the fast speed! The rendering client program is very straightforward so I am not having trouble with it. I had a very tight deadline, and this has been the only render farm that had straightforward instructions and pricing information.

Darren Dinh

Many of our excellent projects which are highly praised are rendered by FoxRenderfarm, such as Hengqin Island of Zhuhai (the key government project), North Star Delta of Yangtze River (known as the prime site in China), Qihuan Longbao (CCTV animation) and etc. Our projects rendered by Fox RenderFarm have earned high praise from customers. The contributions made by Fox RenderFarm are undeniable.

Luo Xiaobai

Silkroad Digital

Now that we’re at the end of our project, we would like to thank you for the great support! We appreciate the professional level of communication, support and the superior quality service that I enjoyed … it helped a lot!

Sami Sabra

I like your service and it is easier to use than the first service that I tried. I have yet to try rendering a multi-layer EXR with your service. I would recommend Fox RenderFarm to studios and individuals that need high power rendering machines, but also to keep costs down.

Ken Kurras

Thank you for your dedication in helping me create my final renders for my animation. Your customer service is one of the best I have ever experienced, as it was quick, reliable and extremely helpful throughout the entire process.. it couldn’t have been done without you!

James Taylor

Today, you can find a number of render farms online… but the one I prefer the most is Fox RenderFarm!

Rohit Arora


Original Force is a production studio that likes to take on big challenges. We like to push the envelope in quality, new technologies and software… We had an exceptional experience with Fox RenderFarm, they are highly regarded in the industry and are simply more professional than other providers.

Shuai Peng

Original Force

I’m really happy with Fox RenderFarm! It’s totally easy to use and the 24/7 support is awesome and helped me a lot!

Rafael Chies

Rayvision’s Fox RenderFarm provided our production with top-of-the-line 24/7 professional support. When we need a massive amount of computing power during our peak production period, Fox RenderFarm can provide tens of thousands of rendering nodes to help us meet our deadline.

Zhe Xu

Mili Pictures

Our long term partnership with Fox RenderFarm has guaranteed the quality and on-time delivery of our various projects and animation. It saved us a lot of time and cost. Thanks Fox RenderFarm!

Yi Zou

KingKey Animation

Rayvision’s Fox RenderFarm helped us keep our rendering budget under control, and provided us with enough computing power during our crunch period to make sure our projects finished on time successfully.

Jinzhe Jia

Original Force

One of Fox RenderFarm’s advantages is that every project has a dedicated TD team and project manager. They help us to track and supervise our project. In my opinion, their consideration and care creates huge value for their customers.

Jinming Lu

WinSing Animation

Fox Renderfarm's GPU rendering service is very good and much cheaper than lots of other render farms out there. Personally, my favorite quality of Fox Renderfarm is their willingness to help their customers. Any question I've had about Fox Renderfarm were quickly answered, and their support team took great good care of my account and render tasks.

Seth Belanger


I just wanted to say a quick thanks to yourself and your team! You guys have been amazingly helpful and I couldn't have got my project done in time without you guys.

Dominick Coppinger