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    Fox’s Got Talent March Winner talked about how to create a doomsday battle in C4D

    Fox’s Got Talent

    Last month, we have already announced Fox’s Got Talent March winner--Yaw Onyina, a 3D Generalist and Medical Doctor from Ghana. Congratulations again and let’s see how he created a doomsday battle in Cinema 4D.

    Yaw Onyina

    · Yaw Onyina                                   
    · 3D Generalist and Medical Doctor
    · From: Ghana                                 

    The Final Stand yaw-onyina-grey

    The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina

    After over 2 months of work, Yaw finished his biggest ever project The Final Stand, which was modeled in C4D with a few exceptions made in MoI3D. The texturing was with Substance Painter, Alchemist, Illustrator, and Photoshop, and rendering was done with Redshift for C4D. What’s more, Yaw introduced the texturing and shading processes and how to set up so many details in the scene in our exclusive interview.

    Fox Renderfarm: Hi, could you briefly introduce yourself?

    Yaw: My name is Yaw Onyina and a 27-year-old from Ghana. I work professionally as a Medical Doctor. I love design in general and so I make time to work on it.

    Fox Renderfarm: How do you feel about winning Fox’s Got Talent (FGT)?

    Yaw: Brilliant. It’s the first contest I’ve ever won in design and I’m really grateful to Fox Renderfarm for the opportunity to enter and eventually win!!

    The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina 2 The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina

    Fox Renderfarm: What’s your inspiration for this creative artwork?

    Yaw: I call my artwork ‘The Final Stand’. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where artificial intelligence has taken over the world and has the current goal of exterminating all human life. The hero in the shot comes against the AI drones. After an epic battle, he falls. My pieces lately are inspired by the works of Simon Stalenhag and Cornelius Dammrich. Their works are amazing!

    Details in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina

    Details in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina

    Simon Stalenhag

    Artwork by Simon Stalenhag

    52HZ by Cornelius Dammrich

    52HZ by Cornelius Dammrich

    Fox Renderfarm: We can see that you set up many details in the artwork, such as the telephone booth, weapon and neon lights. Which part did you spend more time on and how did you make it done?

    Yaw: Most of the time I spent on the scene was in texturing and shading processes. The scene contains over 300 separate textures so you can imagine how long it took compiling them into shaders haha.

    Telephone booth design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina 1

    Telephone booth design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina Telephone booth design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina Telephone booth design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina
    Telephone booth design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina Telephone booth design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina

    Telephone booth design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina

    Fox Renderfarm: The drone is so cool, how did you design it? Any references?

    Yaw: I spent time looking for references online. Pinterest and ArtStation are great resources which I think every artist should use. Then I went into Cinema 4D and using subdivision modeling, I made the drone. I then unwrapped the separate pieces using RizomUV and took the unwrapped model into Substance Painter for texturing. The entire drone model took about 4 hours cumulatively to make.

    Drone design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina 1

    Drone design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina 2

    Drone design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina 3

    Drone design in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina

    Fox Renderfarm: Technically and visually, which is your favorite part of this work? Why?

    Yaw: My absolute favorite part of the process is texturing. Substance Painter is such a joy to use. Back in the day I hardly ever properly unwrapped and textured models however with the advent of Substance, everything’s changed. I’ll never look back!

    Texturing in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina

    Texturing in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina

    Texturing in The Final Stand by Yaw Onyina

    Fox Renderfarm: Have you met any difficulties? And how did you solve it?

    Yaw: My main difficulties were in rendering. I use a laptop in making most of my scenes so rendering the final images at full 8k resolution was a nightmare. I spent over 8 hours rendering a single frame only for Cinema 4D to crash, right at the end!! I’m really happy I found Fox Renderfarm. It freed my computer for other purposes.

    Fox Renderfarm: As you are a 3D Generalist and also a Medical Doctor, how do you keep yourself inspired and motivated? And what do you do to improve your CG professional skills?

    Yaw: Paradoxically, design is what keeps me motivated to work as a medical doctor. I keep Behance and ArtStation tabs open on my browser as well. So they serve as great sources of inspiration. I strive to be like the artists who inspire me and that’s what keeps me constantly trying to improve my skills. I try to stay humble and invite critique from fellow artists on several of the artist platforms (such as 3douchebags, Motion Designers Community, The Cinema 4D Subreddit, etc).

    Artworks by Yaw Onyina Artworks by Yaw Onyina Artworks by Yaw Onyina


    Artworks by Yaw Onyina


    Fox Renderfarm: How do you feel about Fox Renderfarm’s cloud rendering services?

    Yaw: I absolutely love it! I’m definitely rendering all of my bigger projects on this service. Customer service is spot on too. Great service.

    Fox Renderfarm: Any other things you wanna share with CG enthusiasts?

    Yaw: I’d like to encourage all C4D artists to step out of the stereotypical “C4D daily style” of design and tackle bigger personal/client projects. That is the only way we can improve as artists.

    Will you be our next WINNER?

    Click here Fox's Got Talent and submit your artwork rendered with Fox Renderfarm, shine your talent now!


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