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    Exclusive interview about 2019 ARCHITECTURAL 3D AWARDS Dans Digital, one of the few comprehensive visual effects companies in China which integrates technologies such as 3D animation, live-action shooting, and visual effects, won numerous international Ad awards including CICLOPE, MOBIUS, NYF and so forth, was founded by Mr. Bohong Deng who was honored as AUTODESK 3DS MAX MASTER in 2009. This year, Dans Digital won The Best Commissioned Architectural Film at CGarchitect Architectural 3D Awards 2019, for its wonderful architectural film, Yuxin Building. It’s our honor to have an exclusive interview with Dans Digital, from which we can know more about the success story of the multi-award winning team. - Company: Dans Digital - From: China - Director: Bohong Deng / Executive Producer: Cuimin Zhou / Executive Producer: Yan Jiang / Post production: Guanghao Xu / Editor: Yuping Duan / Post production: Yan Li / Photographer:Bo Yang / Visual Effects:Jinliang Jiang / Layout:Hongming Xiang / Technical Support:Guibing Xu / Photographer:Minsheng Lin / Post production:Zhiqiang Chen / Layout:Haixiang Hong / Assistant Camera:Jujun Zhang / Post production:Hui Yang / Layout:Junwen Xu / Assistant Camera:Zhichen Tang / Layout:Jie Yu / Visual Effects:Xiaozhen Cheng / Layout:Rongxiang Yang / Layout:Mini Chen / Layout:Leisi Feng / Layout:Zhijing Sun / Production Assistant:Yucheng Chen / Production Assistant:Liling Gao The film stimulated the foggy morning with 3D visualization technique, it portrayed the building and surrounding landscape covered in the mist with low contrast and low saturation tone, which provides people an artistic conception of traditional Chinese ink painting. In addition, the traditional means of artistic expression resonated with the ancient Chinese Philosophy where the creative idea was generated. As the creator of the awarding-winning film, Dans Digital, founded in 2003, is mainly engaged in film production work within advertising, animation and visual effects field. Dans Digital has won 112 awards in total in international competitions, including 1 Best Of Show and 16 Gold Awards. Some of the honors Dans Digital takes a leading position within the industry of China in 3D animation, visual effects and post-production, and has mastered the advanced technologies proficiently including photographing and 3D synthesis, pilotless aircraft photographing, computer simulation and performance of fluid and rigid-body dynamics, particle system and computer cluster rendering, etc. Some of the award-winning works No matter in architectural style, artistic style or creative ideas, Dans Digital has never stopped the pursuit of innovation. Dans Digital started building growth animation technique and traditional Chinese realistic painting animation style within the industry, and has created many works which were regarded as milestones of the industry. An excellent leader is indispensable to an excellent team. The Founder and Director of Dans Digital, Mr. Bohong Deng, one of the jury for the“CLIO AWARDS” from 2015 to 2017, has created more than 100 excellent works within 16 years since he founded Dans Digital. He initiated the creative architectural growth animation and traditional Chinese realistic painting performance practices. His works were made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry. Mr. Bohong Deng was honored as 3DS MAX MASTER in 2009 Here’s the interview between Dans Digital and Fox Renderfarm. Fox Renderfarm: Why did you select this artwork to participate in the competition? Which part of the film do you like the most? Dans Digital: Actually, we submitted three films. But the judges did not turn their noses up at the other two. I think all excellent films should be outstanding as a whole. I’m satisfied that our award-winning film completely integrates our client’s business purpose with artistic feeling. Fox Renderfarm: What’s the inspiration for this amazing film? Dans Digital: The inspiration comes from two lines of a poem from a famous Chinese poet Lu You living in over 900 years ago. The two lines are “铅华洗尽,珠玑不御”, which mean remove all makeups and jewelry, get back to basics. More precisely, it means “Remove all gorgeous colors and celebrated labels in life, get back to simplicity and peacefulness.” Therefore, the film is presented in lighter colors. I try to use the state of life described in the poem in architecture, life and films. Fox Renderfarm: The whole film delivered a very tranquil atmosphere, what objects in the film you made and techniques you used to strengthen this style? Dans Digital: To create a peaceful and graceful ambience for the film, I chose a foggy morning to set a tone for the film. Fox Renderfarm: In the first half of the film, we can see drops of water floating in the air, any ideas behind that? Dans Digital: In Chinese, when we have some ideas and feelings, we usually use “Rise and Emerge” to describe them. And these two words both imply the meaning of “upward”. Fox Renderfarm: Could you introduce more about the camera movement design? Other than the horizontal movement of the camera, the camera was zoomed in with multiple movements and such. Dans Digital: The camera is designed to move from some specific part to get a whole picture, from slow to fast. This is the simplest narrative rhythm of a film. In the end, the fast moving long-length shot could meet the client’s need to fully display the product as a whole within limited time without destroying the overall atmosphere of the film. Fox Renderfarm: How long did it take to finish the work? Dans Digital: We spent ten months finishing the work from ideas to reality. Fox Renderfarm: What’s the most unforgettable and interesting part of the creation process? Dans Digital: The most interesting part is always the hardest part during every creation process. The most difficult part of the film lies in how to determine light and colors as a whole as well as the concentration and tone of the fog. Stronger light, colors and fog will make the film too flashy while weaker ones will create a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Fox Renderfarm: Dans Digital, as a comprehensive and award-winning visual effects company, what is the project that your company most proud of? Dans Digital: We do our best and challenge ourselves on every project. And such experience deeply impresses ourselves. Fox Renderfarm: What’s the development vision of your company? Dans Digital: To bring people with better feelings. Fox Renderfarm: Any other things you want to share with CG enthusiasts? Dans Digital: Even if others misunderstand you or try to bring you down, never stop putting sincerity and effort into your work.


    Exclusive interview about 2019 ARCHITECTURAL 3D AWARDS It is always said that “seeing is believing”, while sometimes you will somehow be confused or fooled by your eyes. Spanish ArchViz artist Adrian Rubio Vasco takes us in front of and inside The Longbranch Cabin made by Olson Kundig with his extraordinary ArchViz artworks. Each photorealistic ArchViz illustration features perfect perspective, lighting, and texture, making it hard to believe they’re ArchViz at all. Fox Renderfarm is delighted to interview with him, and you can have a closer look at the comparison images with real photographs in the interview to see if your eyes will fool you again this time. - Adrian Rubio Vasco - From: Spain - Architectural Visualizer - School: 24studio VIZ The Longbranch Cabin: Nominated work in Student (Image) Category of CGarchitect 2019 ARCHITECTURAL 3D AWARDS CREDITS: - Student: Adrian Rubio Vasco. - Teachers: Jesus Manuel Jimenez and Sandra Ferminnan. - School: 24studio VIZ. - Project designed by Olson Kundig. Fox Renderfarm: Hi, Adrián, would you please give a brief introduction about yourself? Adrian: Hi, I’m from a small city in Spain, Zamora, where I did my career in Interior Design at the EASD. Later I moved to Madrid where I studied visualization at 24studio LAB. I’ve always been passionate about photography and almost every visual media so I’m very happy to be where I am right now. Fox Renderfarm: How do you feel about being nominated in The CGarchitect Architectural 3D Awards? Adrian: I wasn’t expecting to be nominated so it was a big surprise. Fox Renderfarm: What’s your inspiration for this amazing project? Why did you select this artwork to participate in the competition? Adrian: As a student at 24studio LAB, we were asked to choose a real project and try to recreate the whole images, which is a great way to learn how light and materials work in real life. I didn’t had the intention to submit the work to any contest, but it ended looking so good that the people at the school encouraged me to do it anyway. The Longbranch Cabin it’s really different from the architecture we used to see nowadays, also the photographers did a terrific good job, the pictures are spectacular and have very complex light and a lot of rich materials to practice and learn. Left: Longbranch Cabin’s photo by Benjamin Benschneider; Right: ArchViz by Adrian Fox Renderfarm: Could you introduce the light design and the composition of this project? Adrian: I just focused on the details, the bounces, reflections, and tried to understand everything that was going on and make it on Max. For the direct lighting, I used a VraySun, a Vraysky and a blueish big sphere for the ambient light and a sunset HDRi for the reflections. Fox Renderfarm: How long did it take you to finish the work? Adrian: It was a total of six images and we had 4 months to make them all, but I wasn’t working full time nor every day, so I can’t tell exactly the time. Fox Renderfarm: What’s the most unforgettable and interesting part of the creation process? Adrian: I asked the architects for more detailed plans, but they didn’t answer, so I ended modeling the Cabin from the references perspective for each image, and I think that it gave the images a nice little touch of realism. Left: Photographs by Kevin Scott, Benjamin Benschneider; Right: ArchViz by Adrian Fox Renderfarm: Did you meet any difficulties when creating this work? And how did you solve it? Adrian: Aside from the modeling methodology, I remember struggling with my old computer to get the renders done without crashes, which made me learn a lot about how to optimize the scene and render settings. Fox Renderfarm: How long have you been in the architectural visualization career? And how did you make the decision to step into this career? Adrian: Once I finished my education at 24studio LAB they offered me an internship at their marketing and visualization agency 24studio. I’ve been there for 9 months now. Fox Renderfarm: Who or what project inspires you most in this industry? Adrian: If I have to choose only one, the Third and the Seventh by Alex Roman. It's beautiful, I remember watching it and think to myself... I want to be able to do this one day. The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman Fox Renderfarm: As an outstanding architectural visualization artist, what do you think are the qualities that will make a great artist greater? And what do you do to enhance your professional skills? Adrian: I’m still learning and improving, but I think experience and resources are very important for time-saving. At the end is all about finding the balance between how far can you push your images into realism and the time you have to make it possible. Fox Renderfarm: What’s your next step? Adrian: In my spare time, I’m learning and working on my own script for Max and also learning 360 photography to make virtual tours and my own HDRis. The next step would be learning how to photograph PBR materials or UE engine for real-time rendering, there’s a lot of interesting things to do and learn in this job. Fox Renderfarm: Have you ever used Fox Renderfarm previously? If yes, how do you feel about it? Adrian: I haven’t used any render farm yet, but I will definitely look into it for future projects. Fox Renderfarm: Any other things you want to share with CG enthusiasts? Adrian: It’s great to be part of such a nice and talented community and I hope that someday I could contribute to it as much as it has contributed to me. For more Adrian’s artworks: ins: web:


    Indiajoy 2019 is the largest congregation of gaming, animation, VFX, E-Sports and entertainment events in India. Fox Renderfarm will have a booth at VFX Summit, India’s First exclusive VFX event, on November 20th-21st in Hyderabad International Convention Centre(HICC), Hyderabad. Anyone who plans to come to VFX Summit 2019 can enjoy 10% off for tickets by using Fox’s exclusive coupon code: VFX10. Fox Renderfarm is wishing Indiajoy 2019 a great success and we are looking forward to seeing you there. Visit us at Booth No.20 and see more from Fox Renderfarm. Please contact us for appointments: - Mr. Bin Yao - BD Manager - Tel: +86 133 8033 0370 - Email & Skype: Indiajoy 2019, India's biggest media & entertainment festival, is an aggregator platform, bringing together prestigious International events in one place to unfold opportunities for Investors, Corporations, Studios, Content Developers, Delegates, Consumers, Hardware manufacturers and students, through series of Networking, Trade Exhibitions, Product Launches, B2B and B2C events. As first-ever celebration of Indian VFX Industry, VFX Summit 2019 stays current with the trends and innovations of the VFX Industry. You will enjoy the B2B and B2C Business Expo, Insightful workshops and seminars, and Exclusive VFX Awards Gala in this excellent gathering. Indiajoy 2018


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