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    Renderizado por Fox Renderfarm

    "Fox Renderfarm's flexible nodes arrangement, cost-effective product, and 24/7 online customer service perfectly complement the infrastructures and facilitate independent studios' production process, like us."

    By Sean Oreilly at SIGGRAPH Vancouver 2019

    Más de 160,000 clientes satisfechos de más de 50 países y regiones.

    El mejor servicio de render en la nube

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    Almacenamiento SSD de alto rendimiento

    Poderosa granja de render en la nube para la renderización de proyectos

    • 1. No necesita instalación de software
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    • 5. Posee un sistema masivo de almacenamiento SSD para resolver el cuello de botella de E / S

    Fox Renderfarm soporta la mayoría de los software, motores de render y plugins 3D más populares en todo el mundo

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    Fox Renderfarm Centro de Noticias

    Brisbane, Australia, 20 September 2019 – Some of the world’s leading brands, academic institutions and start-ups have secured their presence at the region’s foremost event for computer-generated animation and visual effects, . “We are delighted that some of the industry’s most respected brands are supporting SIGGRAPH Asia for its debut in Australia,” says Conference Chair, Tomasz Bednarz. “The Australian market for animation, games, CGI/VFX, interactive media and VR/AR, as well as research in this space, is rapidly growing, and as hosts of SIGGRAPH Asia’s 12th edition, we are excited to show the rest of the world the opportunities Australia presents.” Sponsors and exhibitors from over 20 countries at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 include Adobe Research, AWS, Carpe Diem Solutions, Computational Visual Media, Forum8 Co., Ltd, Foundry, , HTC Corporation, Industrial Light & Magic, PIXAR, Qualisys, SideFX HOUDINI Software, Tracklab, Tsinghua University – Tencent Joint Laboratory, UBISOFT, Unity Technologies, VICON Motion Systems, Weta Digital, Xsens and ZQ Racing, to mention a few. They will showcase hardware and services in the categories of computer graphics, interactive and innovative technologies, high-performance computing, as well as education, training and research. The support of these companies underscores the importance of SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 as a learning hub and showcase for emerging technologies in the industry. "As a long-term sponsor and exhibitor, Fox Renderfarm believes that people contributing to, and attending, SIGGRAPH Asia truly thrive together. They do this by sharing the latest research and techniques, exploring advanced technologies, communicating industry insights, and envisaging a blueprint hand in hand,” commented Rachel Chen, Marketing Director, . “SIGGRAPH Asia is the place for Fox Renderfarm to showcase our fast and secure CPU & GPU rendering solutions and connect to customers from around the world." SIGGRAPH Asia 2019’s Gold Sponsor, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI), will also be conducting hands-on training workshops over two days on Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision and Multiple Data Types. Aimed at developers, data scientists, and researchers, NVIDIA will help participants get started with training, optimizing, and deploying neural networks to solve real-world problems across diverse industries such as self-driving cards, healthcare, online services and robotics. These workshops are open to Platinum (PP), Full Conference (FC), Full Conference 1-day (1D) pass holders, who will be notified on how to register for the workshops. An additional component within the SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 exhibition is the , an initiative that enables small and boutique enterprises to connect with, showcase to, and scale with, brands, investors and senior creatives from around the world. Brisbane, the host city of SIGGRAPH Asia 2019, has a bourgeoning startup community in creative tech, companies that are at the forefront of technological innovation in the fields of animation, games and visual effects. Participating international academic institutions and universities include Lost Boys – School of VFX (Canada); Ritsumeikan University, College of Image Arts & and Sciences (Japan); Visual Computing Center at KAUST (Saudi Arabia); Victoria University of Wellington and the Wellington ICT Graduate School (New Zealand). Participating Australian institutions include the University New South Wales’ School of Art & Design and UQ Centre for Energy Data Innovation. 


    3-6 September 2019, Fox Renderfarm participated in Kre8tif! 2019, an annual digital creative content industry event in Malaysia aimed to spark innovation and exploration of major trends across the creative sector. We received a large number of CG enthusiasts and had good communications with them regarding our powerful service. In Kre8tif! 2019, we were honored to have an interview with Mr. Kee Yong Pin, COO of Animonsta Studios in Malaysia. Kee Yong Pin COO of Animonsta Studios Works: Animated series BoBoiBoy (2011-2016) BoBoiBoy Galaxy (2016-present) BoBoiBoy: The Movie (2016) BoBoiBoy Movie 2 (2019) Animonsta Studios, a Malaysian animation company that produces creative content for the Malaysian and international market. Its second computer-animated film BoBoiBoy Movie 2, which is the new No.1 animated feature in Malaysia. Below is Fox Renderfarm’s exclusive interview with Mr. Kee Yong Pin. Let’s check it out! Fox Renderfarm: Can you introduce yourself? Kee Yong Pin: My name is Kee Yong Pin, from Animonsta Studios, an animation studio from Malaysia. Fox Renderfarm: Can you introduce BoBoiBoy? Kee Yong Pin: BoBoiBoy is an animation created by Animonsta Studios since back in 2011. And our latest movie for BoBoiBoy, it’s just completed and released in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam at the same time. So, we are happy to tell that our BoBoiBoy Movie 2 is currently the highest-grossing box office animation ever shown in Malaysia of all time. Fox Renderfarm: What’s the interesting part when producing BoBoiBoy Movie 2? Kee Yong Pin: One of the biggest, interesting things about this movie is actually the production, the whole production only takes 12 months. Most of the animated movies need to take 3 to 4 years. And then our team is actually not very big. We have only around 100 people with around 60-70 people from production. Fox Renderfarm: Any challenges of making the movie? Kee Yong Pin: The challenge is the time itself, so, as much as we worked very hard, there is still a lot of obstacles, for example, all the technical stuff, the rendering processes or the animation processes. So, the biggest challenge for us is actually the race against time for the rendering. For rendering it needs to be done by the computer. We need to do a very proper calculation, so that we can speed up the process without sacrificing the quality. Fox Renderfarm: What do you think of Fox Renderfarm ? Kee Yong Pin: In order to meet our timeline, one biggest thing that we changed is actually going into half GPU, which is using Redshift. And then we find out that even that is not enough. Throughout the movie, we can deliver according to timeline. But towards the end of the movie, that's when things become difficult, because the deadline is getting closer and then the scenes are getting very heavy towards the final part of the movie. So that's when we start to engage with Fox Renderfarm. And then we are really impressed actually, especially on the support portion of Fox Renderfarm. Because it's so easy for us to get in touch with, you know, just using WhatsApp. So everything just is direct communication, whenever we need anything and then everything is actually quite fast and, more importantly, when it comes to the last minute, it is hard for us to get the finance portion, budgeting portion to meet according to our criteria, and timeline also needs to be meeting. So, Fox Renderfarm, luckily for us, managed to meet our criteria in terms of pricing, in terms of delivery. Fox Renderfarm: Will you distribute the movie in China? Kee Yong Pin: We are actually trying, because China has a very small quota for foreign movies, but we are actually trying our best to get into China’s market. Good thing for us is that our animation series is already broadcasted on China's platform, which is Tencent. And it gets quite a good amount of views, which is more than 40 million views already up to date. We want to continue our footsteps into China's market if possible. Fox Renderfarm: Any plans for next step? Kee Yong Pin: We are doing our next animation, moving forward. And unfortunately, we cannot share anything in detail yet, but definitely I would safely, at least say that project has more challenges than BoBoiBoy Movie 2. So we want to get more market after this release in more countries and all those things, and so definitely, we need more support in terms of technology and also various partnership in the near future. Fox Renderfarm: Any other things you want to share with the CG enthusiasts? Kee Yong Pin: We just want to share that animation industry in Malaysia has been more than fifteen, twenty years. We might not be the most famous animation content hub in the world yet. But definitely Malaysia is going to be one of the best, not in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality, one of the best animation providers in the world. So, we really hope that the world will be able to really pick up our animation, have a look on what we can achieve in a more practical way, high quality, efficient, because we have a lot of good talents in Malaysia. Let's look forward to the new development of Malaysian animated films.


    Upin & Ipin: The Lone Gibbon Kris (*Malay: Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal*) (short for Upin & Ipin), produced by Les' Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd., rendered by Fox Renderfarm, has won the Best Feature category at the Montreal International Animation Film Festival 2019 (ANIMAZE). ANIMAZE is an international film festival and conference dedicated to exploring the world of animation in all its diversity. Filmmakers from over 65 countries working in a wide range of genres and styles converge on Montreal in the summer. Proudly, the mischievous twins Upin and Ipin are now the winners of the international film award. In this fantasy film, Upin, Ipin and their friends find a magical kris which transports them into a fictional country known as Inderaloka. Here they meet various colourful characters from Malay folklore and help them battle an powerful villian. Les' Copaque, the production company of Upin & Ipin, elected to create its own unique intellectual property based on traditional Malaysian mythology, but told in an energetic, child-friendly way. The production of Upin & Ipin took 5 years to complete, and the cost is almost RM20 million, making it the most expensive Malaysian film ever made. Fox Renderfarm’s reliable and high-efficient service helped a lot in its rendering process. As a local animated film in Malaysia, Upin & Ipin’s award means a lot to the Malaysian animation industry. Here we congratulate on Upin & Ipin’s great success in gaining international recognition and sincerely look forward to working together for the next project soon again!


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