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    폭스 렌더팜에 대한 주요 고객 평가

    Sean O'Reilly

    Founder & CEO of Arcana Studio Inc

    Some testimonials from our beloved clients

    Including Animonsta Studios, Wau Animation, Giggle Garage, Arcana Studio, Assemblage Entertainment, Les' Copaque Production, Student Volunteer from ACM SIGGRAPH, and more.

    Tuan Haji Burhanuddin

    Managing Director of Les' Copaque production

    A K Madhavan

    Founder & CEO of Assemblage Entertainment

    Shuai Peng

    The Head of Production of Original Force

    더 많은 평가

    It was great and fast, very much satisfied with it.
    Gautam Kumar
    Boss Fight Challenge contestant, 3rd year Architecture student from India
    Very satisfying rendering within a few minutes and great service for everyone in the 3D industry. Plus the platform of Fox Renderfarm is pretty easy to use.
    Sithuka Bihan
    FGT3D Fox Challenge, 3rd Prize in Student Gallery
    We have actually using Fox Renderfarm since 2017 and we're so happy with the service that they are providing very fast response, like 24 hours whenever we need support, they always help us. Whenever we need to increase the capacity of the render is always there. So they help us a lot in terms of delivering the projects, they work within our deadlines. And the price is also very friendly, so it's really cost-effective for everyone to actually use this service.
    Ghea Lisanova
    General Manager of Infinite Studios
    We had tried several other render services before finding you. It can be very difficult to get a project-specific pipeline to work well with a render farm, but Fox Renderfarm integrated seamlessly into our workflow. It has been very intuitive to use the platform, and the technical support you provided along the way was always speedy, kind, and very efficient. Everyone on your team is generous and engaged, and we loved working with you!
    Tsvetelina Zdraveva & Jerred North
    Directors of Short Film "Yellowbird"
    Amazing! What else can we say about it! You guys rock, what's the secret of the kindness of your support at 3 AM? Jokes apart, we couldn't be able to be so on time and productive without Fox Renderfarm, you are almost part of the team at the moment, and we are so glad to have this great relationship!
    Massimiliano Napoli
    COO & Head of Still Images Department of Diorama
    Rendering this film with the scale, with the fur, and the rendering time that it was taking, it was unfeasible or unthinkable for us to be able to pull this out locally. And I think we were lucky to find Fox Renderfarm as a collaborator. We almost rendered 60 to 70% of our film there. And I think if it was not for that collaboration, we wouldn't have been able to pull this film in the time that we did. So big shout out to Fox Renderfarm for their contribution and making The Donkey King a reality.
    Aziz Jindani
    Director of The Donkey King
    I'm amazed, it works so smoothly, great user interface and amazing support. We were choosing between a few different render farms and Fox Renderfarm was a clear winner.
    Jan Sladecko
    Motion Designer
    "Fox Renderfarm is the best render farm I’ve ever used. I discovered it two years ago, they have a great user interface, it’s intuitive and easy to use. They have incredible customer support, which is 24/7 up to help you with any problems or questions. They also have great competitive prices and the speed of their machines is amazing."
    Jorge Yepez
    Co-Founder of Tita Studio
    "I am extremely honored and honestly super happy that I found this service. Honestly, Fox Renderfarm was a pivotal tool in making this music video. I had mostly been making 2D animations for YouTube, this was the first 3D animation I’ve made in my free time after leaving college, and I sort of forgot how long rendering can take. If I had tried to render the project locally, it wouldn’t even be finished today. Fox Renderfarm made it possible to finish this animation."
    Ricky San E
    CG Artist
    I used Fox Renderfarm for the first time for rendering this image. It was great. I got the 4K render in just half an hour, in my PC, it would take 6 hours.
    Surjendu Das
    3D Artist
    We have tried Fox Renderfarm recently, rendered a couple of animations and the scene… Even though we have been very skeptical as we had the experience from the other render farms especially with such high resolution, we were surprised that the image was successfully rendered without any problems on the GPU-based platform. The website seems very well organized, and the farm quite affordable.
    Uros Vukovic
    Director of DIORAMA
    It’s a really efficient render farm with one of the best support I have seen. During the time in which I had to render my stuff for my demo reel, I found myself not being able to use my school’s computers because other students were hogging all the other PC's. And since the deadline for our reels were coming close, I managed to render out all of my things in time with Fox (Renderfarm), with just a simple upload and letting it render overnight and start compositing, while the others were still trying to find renderable PC's at school.
    Jeffrey Frias
    Winner of Fox’s Got Talent
    The cooperation between Animonsta Studios and Fox Renderfarm went very smoothly. As for Fox Renderfarm’s cloud rendering service, Animonsta Studios reckoned that it’s fast and reliable. The service has successfully delivered the job within limited time frame without having to compromise the quality.
    Animonsta Studios
    BoBoiBoy Movie 2
    The technical team of Les’ Copaque Production greatly praises the high-quality rendering service. They said: “We are very satisfied with Fox Renderfarm’s 24/7 real-time technical support, reliable download and upload speed, the user friendly webpage interface, and very simple desktop client app for our alternative option. For example, we have some frames that took 3 days to render locally, and after we submitted to Fox Renderfarm’s cloud rendering platform, it was completed in 2 hours, which greatly saved our time and budget. More importantly, reliable and quality rendering also guarantees the quality of this film.”
    Les’Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd
    Upin&Ipin:  Keris Siamang Tunggal
    There are also rendering machines in the company. Before the scene is rendered, the technicians will avoid the repeated submission and rendering invalidation by splitting and assembling the rendering task. When the internal render farm can't meet a large number of rendering requirements, some parts of the rendering task will be submitted to Fox Renderfarm, maximizing the use of rendering resources to ensure completion in the cycle. Fox Renderfarm can provide a large number of rendering clusters, allocate nodes at any time, and provide timely technical support to complete project rendering on time.
    Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past
    Production director Qiang Wang
    We’re thrilled to partner with the Fox Renderfarm team! It’s great to see that Clarisse is now part of their offer. Fox RenderFarm is a very serious company owning a large number of render nodes. It gives our customers a lot of flexibility as Fox RenderFarm provides them with quick and easy access to a huge rendering power!
    I had used Fox RenderFarm before I started this project, and what always stood out to me was the service. To have people available 24/7 on Skype is so valuable. We all know that late nights can be a regular occurrence in this industry, and often we can’t afford to wait until the next day to solve a problem. No one else offers the service that Fox RenderFarm does.
    Michael Wakelam
    Anthem Studios
    During our production, we needed to quickly render some very complex stereo sequences of over 20 layers each. Fox Renderfarm provided the cloud rendering services and offered great tools to render quickly, cost effectively, and with great flexibility in order to fulfil the deadline at the quality level we needed for our film. The customer service was top notch, and there was always someone available 24/7, something that, given the time zone differences, was greatly appreciated. Overall, it was a great experience!
    Julio Soto
    The Thinklab
    Many of our excellent projects which are highly praised are rendered by FoxRenderfarm, such as Hengqin Island of Zhuhai (the key government project), North Star Delta of Yangtze River (known as the prime site in China), Qihuan Longbao (CCTV animation) and etc. Our projects rendered by Fox RenderFarm have earned high praise from customers. The contributions made by Fox RenderFarm are undeniable.
    Luo Xiaobai
    Silkroad Digital
    Today, you can find a number of render farms online… but the one I prefer the most is Fox RenderFarm!
    Rohit Arora
    I’m really happy with Fox RenderFarm! It’s totally easy to use and the 24/7 support is awesome and helped me a lot!
    Rafael Chies
    Rayvision’s Fox RenderFarm provided our production with top-of-the-line 24/7 professional support. When we need a massive amount of computing power during our peak production period, Fox RenderFarm can provide tens of thousands of rendering nodes to help us meet our deadline.
    Zhe Xu
    Mili Pictures
    One of Fox RenderFarm’s advantages is that every project has a dedicated TD team and project manager. They help us to track and supervise our project. In my opinion, their consideration and care creates huge value for their customers.
    Jinming Lu
    WinSing Animation
    The biggest advantage I think is that the rendering is really fast. It helps me finish my work efficiently, and it greatly reduces my rendering burden, because my computer is not good enough. So with a render farm like this, I can work efficiently.
    Ruming Cao
    1st Place of Hum3D Flying Cars 3D Competition
    Fox Renderfarm's service is very quick and stable. I remember designing a character and preparing it for render, which used to be done in cinema 4D before and they were not very good renders. If you wanted to get a nice image, you really had to push out those settings which took a lot of rendering time. Oh my god, I will render one frame for fifteen minutes, that's crazy! Or maybe even more I don't remember exactly. So I said to myself let's try your service out, I pushed all those settings up to the best quality and I was so impressed by how quick it was. After I just uploaded my work, it suddenly started to come all over like some image sequence, it was so quick!
    Jan Míka
    Founder of Filmofon
    During this COVID-19 period, it was really really tough, because you know the opportunities have lessened tremendously. Thanks to company like Fox Renderfarm who has given us rendering resources. In the past, all we could do was just render in-house. So the kind of projects that we can do is mainly just TV series. But now we have such resources available, it has increased our business opportunity, and we started doing content for China, like theme park content and also animated feature films. With such rendering services, it allows us to expand our business and increase our opportunity and we are truly grateful and thankful to Fox Renderfarm. Not only that, they are very professional. Every time we were doing rendering, as when we faced any difficulties, the staff was always standing by, making sure everything ran smoothly. So we are truly grateful!
    David Guo
    Founder & CEO of Tiny Island Productions
    I'm very happy to work with Fox Renderfarm on my projects. Rex was my first contact at your company and he always offered the best support when I needed it for my renders.
    Dr. Thom Leach
    Scientific Illustrator & Animator in Amoeba Studios
    Many of the artists around me mentioned Fox Renderfarm. As for my experience, the pipeline in Fox Renderfarm really makes sense. Their staff is really patient, helping me solve technical problems.
    Curry Tian
    Director/Visual Artist/Creative Director
    Fox Renderfarm has been great. I've used them for a couple of heavy jobs and the service has always been excellent.
    Ben Watts
    FX Lead/TD
    I am only familiar with the services from helping students, but what I see looks great. The process is straightforward, with a lot of available renderers. The technical support I have seen Fox Renderfarm give in troubleshooting their renders is great. I can say that one of our teachers has been using Fox Renderfarm for over 4 years and is very happy with the service. No matter what time of day it is, there was always someone to help him with any problems. The process of uploading and downloading works smoothly, and loading the credit works without problems. In case of problems with renders or the file you uploaded, their TD tries to give possible solutions.
    Robb Innes
    Founder/Director of PIXL VISN Media Arts Academy
    "Excellent performance, outstanding support, fair prices. Always a pleasure to work with."
    Fabian Hofmann
    3D Artist/Exhibition Designer/3D Director/Animator
    “Because I'm working on so many projects, I cannot handle rendering myself or building a self-hosted render farm. It's taking too much time and there is too much of a problem. But with Fox Renderfarm, there are unlimited things that you can do. It's super fast. When I first started working with Fox Renderfarm, I was so surprised how fast it’s rendered. Because we're connecting a lot of nodes together, and it gave me a super fast render. The first project I rendered with Fox Renderfarm was an animation called Extra Handsome with the zebra. That was the first one I made with Fox Renderfarm. I think it finished rendering after five hours or something like that. And it's crazy because Arnold is really slow. To render the animation with so many frames in five hours, it's crazy. Besides the fast render, there is really good service at any time at any hour. You don't need to handle problems, there is always someone to help you.”
    Gal Yosef
    3D Artist, CG Director & Owner of Fuzion Studio
    I’ve used a few render farms before. In my experience, Fox Renderfarm is the easiest to work with. Huge shoutout and thank you to the support team at Fox Renderfarm. We had a bunch of render issues that required support around the clock and they were generous enough to help us get through all of it. I can definitely say that they are the best support team I have ever encountered so far and we are really eager to work with them again. Fox Renderfarm’s cloud rendering service is really affordable and easy to use. Shot management and rendering in the cloud server is really smooth and anyone who wishes to get quick renders without any hassle should definitely check Fox Renderfarm out.
    Kasun Malinda
    Compositor / 3D Generalist / VFX Supervisor, ApexVFX
    Having access to an easy to use render farm has become very important to me. I am working on a music video right now and I need a lot of rendering power for that. Fox Renderfarm allows me to get higher quality renders in a short time.
    Jakob Scheidt
    Winner of Fox’s Got Talent
    It was a pleasant surprise to work with Fox Renderfarm. We had to outsource some parts of the render in order to deliver on time and Fox Renderfarm allowed us to meet our deadline. Sure we will work again with them if we need to.
    Spanish animation studio Blow Studio
    Three Robots
    I was working with a team on a short film, and we were rendering on personal computers, and we realized that we wouldn't finish the rendering with our own computers on time. So we actually, one of the people in my team, he used Fox Renderfarm, and we actually used it to finish the project on time for the deadline. So, thank you!
    Ellie Metzelaar
    SIGGRAPH 2019 Student Volunteers
    One of our biggest concerns was rendering time, since we are a small company and we knew this was going to super render intensive, so we looked for a reliable render service, tried a bunch, and ended up picking Fox Renderfarm, because their price/benefit is more important, their staff was there for us 24/7 not via email or forums, we actually had direct contact with our account manager and a group of TD’s willing to help us regardless of the hour. It was an overall great experience to work with them and we still use Fox Renderfarm as our sole render solution.
    Katapix Media: Carlos Duque
    As the special effects producer of "Shadow", PIXOMONDO made great efforts and constantly modified and communicated in the production process to achieve the final result. Fox Renderfarm, which provides cloud rendering support for “Shadow”, also provides powerful technical support for the perfect visual rendering of the film.
    Fox Renderfarm worked tirelessly, and patiently with us as we slowly compiled the work of multiple artists across the globe into the film’s final title sequence, as well as a few of the "Glass Cage" CGI shots. Without Fox Renderfarm, we wouldn't have these elements in the film. They worked with us tireless overcoming technical hurdles, and even language barrier. They were really caring and just an incredibly supportive experience. I hope to be able to employ them sometime in the next year or two on some VFX heavy commercial projects should the opportunity arise.
    Chris Buchal
    Glass Cage
    Thank you very much for the help you’ve provided. Pretty much the most responsive support I’ve ever had.
    VectorZero is a loyal Fox RenderFarm client, because they always have the best support, we always turn to them when in need.
    I like your service and it is easier to use than the first service that I tried. I have yet to try rendering a multi-layer EXR with your service. I would recommend Fox RenderFarm to studios and individuals that need high power rendering machines, but also to keep costs down.
    Ken Kurras
    Original Force is a production studio that likes to take on big challenges. We like to push the envelope in quality, new technologies and software… We had an exceptional experience with Fox RenderFarm, they are highly regarded in the industry and are simply more professional than other providers.
    Shuai Peng
    Original Force
    Rayvision’s Fox RenderFarm helped us keep our rendering budget under control, and provided us with enough computing power during our crunch period to make sure our projects finished on time successfully.
    Jinzhe Jia
    Original Force
    I just wanted to say a quick thanks to yourself and your team! You guys have been amazingly helpful and I couldn't have got my project done in time without you guys.
    Dominick Coppinger
    Fox Renderfarm's cloud rendering service is a great way to help me with my work. Especially for students like me who haven't entered the workplace yet, when they can't afford a high-performance computer to do the rendering job, Fox Renderfarm's cloud rendering service really helps us out. Thank you for helping me create more freely.
    Ming Chi
    FGT Art June Winner of 2022
    Amazing, seriously. For the first time, I was able to render my artwork with much better quality. Wednesday, for instance, has 8K textures and a large number of hair particles. It would be too heavy to render a turnaround of her on my computer. With your render farm, I managed to easily render several frames in 8K.
    Andrey Oliver
    FGT Art Campaign May Winner of 2023
    We actually used Fox Renderfarm for the first time about six years ago and the one thing we like about it is the support. You know, often when you try to use the farm on the cloud, you don't necessarily get help when it doesn't work. And we got a lot of exchange communication with grades. We made it work and each project was like that. So we love it!
    Christophe RODO
    Head of Studio at Megalis VFX
    Fox Renderfarm is a true lifesaver. Working on heavy projects simultaneously is not easy. Rendering them out will definitely clog your local farm. When you are under the stress of delivering within the unforgiving deadlines, things might go wrong. Fox Renderfarm is equipped with thousands of monster machines that are able to output shots like a shredder, enabling us to output several shots in parallel in no time. In a nutshell, because of Fox Renderfarm, being stressed about rendering is no more.
    Yousef Taher
    Owner & Co-founder of Squids Visual Arts
    The Fox Renderfarm team were always willing to work with us and meet our needs. The output was professional-grade and the prices were affordable. We have tried out a few different services, and we felt Fox Renderfarm best suited our needs for this project.
    Adam Belfer
    Founder/COO of Cartuna
    Fox Renderfarm is all for rendering some animations and the approach was quick. The turnaround was fast and we liked it. (Saved us on an important deadline event).
    Ramees Muhammed
    CG Generalist / Forensic 3D Animation Specialist
    For me, Fox Renderfarm is a very important tool for my job. Without working with Fox Renderfarm, I need a home render farm to have the final renders prepared to send on time, and it will cost a lot of money on computers and hardware.
    Alejandro Creo Rodriguez
    Founder of The 3D Cube
    "I really like it as I think it has one of the most user-friendly UIs among the multiple render-farm services I have used. The support I get is also really responsive and helpful!"
    Kay John Yim
    Chartered Architect/3D Enthusiast
    “I had the opportunity to use Fox Renderfarm for a small project in the past and to have it by my side for the short film Le Rendez-Vous des Arts fills me with joy. I'm not only talking about price-quality ratio, but also about the professionalism of the team and the help they decided to give me for this project! I have already done some test shots: the result was perfect and the timing extremely fast! It was my first choice right from the start. I would like to point out not only the quality of the service itself but the kindness and availability of the people behind the Fox Renderfarm. The human relationship is something fundamental, especially when it comes to cinema. When I had problems with frames, they helped me with kindness and speed. You can't find anything like that anywhere else.”
    Walter Rastelli
    Director of the animated short film Le Rendez-Vous des Arts
    Very helpful… When we first tried it out, the speed was just amazing… The system that we get has been very prompt. I think it was a good move and it was a very good decision for us to work with Fox Renderfarm. And I can’t imagine delivering the movie without working with Fox Renderfarm.
    Usamah Zaid Yasin
    Founder & CEO, Wau Animation
    We used it (Fox Renderfarm) before. So, it's familiar. In fact, we are really thankful that there are such facilities out there. Because, definitely, companies like us, we are producing content on a daily basis, like delivering 4 episodes a week for TV series, so the use of a render power is there, the needs of it is there, so we definitely need a lot of this kind of facilities around to help us produce our show.
    Juhaidah Joemin
    Managing Director of Giggle Garage Animation
    It’s been a breeze having Fox Renderfarm as render partner. The service has always been very prompt on the requirements. However, I wish we were always given an average of higher number of blades.
    Asif Sayed, the Vice President Operations at Famulus Media & Entertainment
    Mission Mangal
    I heard Fox RenderFarm from Linkedin, and I get touch with Anthony who works on your company. It’s the first time I work with a cloud render farm. Before I always used an in house render farm I created by myself in the company. And the first time I use Fox Renderfarm, I find it’s so easy to use, have a tutorial which explains very clearly step by step how to use it, so is very easy.
    The Director Olivier Schmitt
    Dragon Ball Z Legacy
    Fox Renderfarm has provided rendering power with a significantly discounted rate for this film which is over 40,000 frames. Bobby mentioned in the interview that "Fox Renderfarm was critical to the success and completion of our film 'The Shipment'. Their customer service was excellent and their render system was very reliable and user friendly. After many unsuccessful experiences with other rendering services, we were grateful to find Fox which surpassed our expectations. Without their affordable rendering options, we would not have been able to complete our independent sci-fi film which has recently been chosen as an official selection at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York.
    The director Bobby Bala
    The Shipment
    Sean Patrick O'Reilly said that Fox Renderfarm's flexible nodes arrangement, cost-effective product, and 24/7 online customer service perfectly complement the infrastructures and facilitate independent studios' production process, like us. It is reported that the film "Panda vs Aliens", directed by Sean Animation Studio founder Sean Patrick O'Reilly and directed by Stan Lee and Gill Champion, is now in production and is expected to be released in China in 2019. Sean Patrick O'Reilly said that he hopes to work with more Chinese production companies to provide more high-quality works for the audience.
    ArcanaStudios: SeanPatrickO' Reilly
    Howard Lovecraft 3
    As a small 3D animation studio in France, we need a lot of computing power to showcase our originality. This requires a great number of computers than those used in the studio. We found that our rendering could not be finished without external support. Finally, we found Fox RenderFarm!
    Laurent Witzt, 2014 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film
    Fox RenderFarm has been very helpful to us during our crunch time on the feature, notably their production coordinator and technical team. They were available 24/7 to assist us in getting our renders out on time and solve any snags we faced during the file setups. The pricing structure offered to us was competitive for the quantity of work we were producing, with render nodes always available for us to use.
    Subhrojyoti Banerjee
    Makuta VFX
    I am very impressed with Fox RenderFarm and am loving the fast speed! The rendering client program is very straightforward so I am not having trouble with it. I had a very tight deadline, and this has been the only render farm that had straightforward instructions and pricing information.
    Darren Dinh
    Now that we’re at the end of our project, we would like to thank you for the great support! We appreciate the professional level of communication, support and the superior quality service that I enjoyed … it helped a lot!
    Sami Sabra
    Thank you for your dedication in helping me create my final renders for my animation. Your customer service is one of the best I have ever experienced, as it was quick, reliable and extremely helpful throughout the entire process.. it couldn’t have been done without you!
    James Taylor
    Our long term partnership with Fox RenderFarm has guaranteed the quality and on-time delivery of our various projects and animation. It saved us a lot of time and cost. Thanks Fox RenderFarm!
    Yi Zou
    KingKey Animation
    Fox Renderfarm's GPU rendering service is very good and much cheaper than lots of other render farms out there. Personally, my favorite quality of Fox Renderfarm is their willingness to help their customers. Any question I've had about Fox Renderfarm were quickly answered, and their support team took great good care of my account and render tasks.
    Seth Belanger
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