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  • GoCloud Program

    Free Rendering for Your Work

    “GoCloud” is a program that aims to help potential CG students and creative small teams to realize their dreams.

    This program has three parts: “For Education”,“For Creative” and “For Charity

    For Education

    Fox Renderfarm is deeply committed to supporting education and making it accessible to everyone around the world.

    Fox Renderfarm offers students, teachers and educational institutions an affordable pricing scheme (Diamond) to support educational purposes.

    How to Apply for the Educational Pricing?

    Method One: Register with your .edu email.

    Method Two: If you do not have an .edu email, please send the following information to us.

    1. Scanned copy of national ID card
    2. Scanned copy of current student ID card or teaching certificate

    For Creative

    If you have big dreams like us, great ideas for the story, excellent skills for the animation, deep passion for the film but only lack of rendering power, then Fox Renderfarm is the right place for you. We have helped creative teams to win lots of awards including Oscar.

    How to Get Free Rendering for Your Creative Work?

    Just send us an email and explain your creative ideas, story, layout, script or drawings to start your free rendering after evaluation!(normally within a week)

    Email Us

    For Charity

    Fox Renderfarm has always been a strong advocate, firm supporter and active participant for charities. If you are also one of us and hope to contribute to charity with your CG works, come on and contact us for free rendering

    How to Free Rendering Your Charity Work?

    Just send us an email and explains the charity event and your ideas for starting free rendering after evaluation!(normally within a week)

    Email Us
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