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We are currently looking for partners who share our vision and values to collaborate on ecosystem building and joint promotional activities. If your organization is passionate about CG technology and art development, we would love to explore opportunities for working together. Let's join forces and create a brighter future for our industry!

Why Become a Partner

Joint Promotions 

Partner with us to reach over 400,000 users in the CG and film industries, and showcase your brand to a highly targeted audience.


As organizers of CG community challenges like the FGT3D Challenge and sponsors of various CG events, we welcome collaborations with industry brands for sponsorships.

School & Community

We are committed supporters of CG education, offering cloud rendering support, technical training, and backing for education and charity projects to schools, educational institutions, and communities.

Fox Renderfarm Partners

School & Community
Sponsors & Joint Promotions
Business Consulting

Global Agent Contact: Gordon Shaw

Email: gordon@foxrenderfarm.com

Marketing Contact: Rachel Chen

Email: rachel@foxrenderfarm.com

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