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Fox Renderfarm является ведущей рендер-фермой в данной отрасли. С момента основания компании Fox Renderfarm в 2009 году, она заработала хорошую репутацию за качество своей работы, отличное обслуживание клиентов и гибкую схему ценообразования.

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SIGGRAPH 2021 is the premier conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques worldwide. As an exchange of knowledge, a source of entertainment, and an opportunity for recognition, SIGGRAPH 2021 continues to serve the community as a place to proudly share passions and celebrate contributions.Fox Renderfarm will exhibit at SIGGRAPH and we would like to invite you to our virtual booth for free! SIGGRAPH 2021 will take place on August 9 - 13, and include over 80 exhibitors, exhibitor sessions and more. - Conference: 9-13 August- Exhibition: 10-12 August- Booth Number: 6898Fox Renderfarm’s specific guest code is RAY21 for free basic registration at the show – You can also use this code to upgrade your registration from Basic to Enhanced or the Ultimate registration level.Click here to begin registration!!SIGGRAPH 2021As a SIGGRAPH 2021 registered attendee, you'll experience live events and "can't miss" scheduled sessions throughout the week of 9-13 August. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to explore on-demand content at your convenience starting 2 August. You can visit the SIGGRAPH website: https://s2021.siggraph.org/, to have a regular basis for SIGGRAPH 2021 content and programming updates.Fox Renderfarm is looking forward to seeing you at SIGGRAPH 2021 online!


As a platform to show CG talent, FGT Art, organized by the best cloud rendering service provider, Fox Renderfarm, welcomes CG artists all over the world to show off their impressive 3D artworks which were rendered with Fox Renderfarm. Congratulations to our FGT Art May Winner - Anahad Kashyap, a young freelance artist who is proficient in Blender regarding modelling, animating, and rendering.Anahad’s award-winning artwork “Ignore”, made by Blender and Mixamo, is interesting and lovely, showing a cute story about a little bulb. Let’s find out how he created the artwork in the exclusive interview below.- Anahad Kashyap- Freelance Artist- From: India Fox Renderfarm: Hi Anahad! Could you have a brief introduction about yourself? Anahad: My name is Anahad Kashyap and I am currently studying B. Des. Industrial Design in Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. The date “23rd May 2021” marked one year of me learning 3D modelling and CG and my work experience includes doing a few freelance projects and making videos for my YouTube channel.Blender Showreel 2020 © Anahad Kashyap Fox Renderfarm: Congratulations on being the May winner of FGT Art! How do you feel about it?Anahad: Honestly, I am super thrilled and honored that you guys chose me as the winner and I can’t thank you guys enough. Fox Renderfarm: Could you share with us your inspiration/references/moodboard of the work ‘Ignore’?Anahad: Earlier I took a challenge of creating one digital render daily for a month and on my 6th Day I created this:!Ignore - Anahad Kashyap - Day 6This was inspired by a very old advertisement of an electrical company popular in India. Actually the thought of a personified Light Bulb excited me a lot and I set on making it. One of the biggest hurdles I faced while making this was “how to make it believable?”........I know it sounds a bit ironic as the character itself doesn’t exist at all. My references included pictures of light bulbs, nuts and bolts (duh!). Few of them are: Fox Renderfarm: How long did it take to finish the work? Anahad: The whole process (modelling and texturing) took me around 12-13 days of mostly working at night due to college. Majority of my time was spent on creating the environment because the character was already done…...I just modified it a little to match human proportions better. Fox Renderfarm: The character is cute, could you share with us the character design and modeling process?Anahad: The character modelling took around 5-6 hours completely cause although not very complex, I wanted to make it as detailed as possible. Few clay renders are:!Ignore - Anahad Kashyap - 0067Then comes the most important part of making any 3D render feel realistic, which is adding Surface imperfections. There are many types of surface imperfections like micro scratches, fingerprints, dust buildup in crevices, etc.The surface imperfections which I considered for the character were fingerprints and micro scratches. Fox Renderfarm: The environment is rich and realistic, could you introduce how you set the environment and made all the details?Anahad: Ah yes, The Environment (sigh!)......By far the most work I have ever done on any 3D environment. Everything in the scene (like the laptop, brick wall, poster, windows, ferris wheel etc.) was self modelled and textured. And just like the character, surface imperfections are suuuuuuuuuuuper important here also, like surface scratches on the table top, wipe marks on window panes, fingerprints on the laptop screen (It’s a touchscreen laptop 😝😝), etc. Here are two images of the environment….one without surface imperfections and one with imperfections.- Without Imperfections: !Without-Imperfections- With Imperfections: !Ignore-Anahad-KashyapAnd the thing even more time taking and frustrating than self modelling all the assets is making a visually balanced composition i.e. positioning all the assets carefully to make the scene visually pleasing and ensuring that none of the areas look more visually weighted than others. One has to ensure that the focus point of the scene (in this case that being the bulb character) remains in focus. Here is one of the MatCap render of my scene:!anahx-kashyap-123456789123456798I used MatCap view to arrange the composition of the scene and if the project demands it, I sometimes render the whole animation sequence in MatCap view because it saves a lot of render times and gives an exact view of how the animation would look when fully rendered. Fox Renderfarm: As a freelance artist, why do you choose Blender as your main tool, and what is the biggest advantage of Blender for you?Anahad: As a growing freelance artist, Blender offers the complete package of what a 3D artist could need. It has features like support for fire, water, cloth and smoke sim, 2D animation, video editing(basic), sculpting, remeshing, etc. along with the primary use case which is 3D modelling and animation. Personally, the biggest advantage of Blender for me is the ease of use and a very flat learning curve. I don’t have anything against any other 3D modelling apps and I am aware that all of them are unique in their own way and have their own set of features but for me Blender had the most visually appealing viewport and less intimidating controls for a beginner. Fox Renderfarm: How do you improve your CG professional skills? Could you give some Blender learning advice to CG learners?Anahad: This is a question where I can answer both the parts together! The thing I do apart from all the freelance work is I try to recreate movie scenes as closely as possible. Like watching movies from great directors like Steven Spielberg, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan and picking scenes from the movie which look the most visually appealing to me and then recreating them in Blender. The first step to this includes matching up the 3D camera with the camera used in the film along with the correct focal length. For this I use an app called “fspy” which works perfectly for this.Hope this helps! Fox Renderfarm: Have you used or heard of Fox Renderfarm before? If yes, how do you feel about it?Anahad: Actually I did hear about Fox Renderfarm earlier but never got around to using it. But when the time came for rendering my project, It was very much clear through the creation process that my PC won’t be able to handle it. So I decided to give it a try now I freaking love it. The features I love the most are:- Super fast transfer of heavy files- Reasonable Price- Easy to use InterfaceCan’t wait to use it for my YouTube videos!!!!! Fox Renderfarm: Any other things you want to share with the CG enthusiasts?Anahad: Yes there are a few things which I would like to say to CG enthusiasts…….Never get disheartened by looking at other great artist’s work on social media. Nobody starts at the top…….And to never give up…….One Day the grind will pay off in one way or the other.Koenigsegg Gemera © Anahad Kashyap Who’s our next FGT Art winner? Shine your talent and win great prizes!


FGT3D Explorer Challenge organized by the TPN-Accredited cloud rendering services provider, Fox Renderfarm, was started in March, 2021 and sponsored by our amazing sponsors, including Xencelabs, Corona Renderer, TopoGun, Friendly Shade, Graswald, Raysync, Textures.com, Texturebox and iCube R&D Group. After the selection by our jury, 3 Professional artworks and 3 Student artworks were picked and would be awarded the prizes provided by our amazing sponsors. Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks to everyone for participating!!FGT3D Explorer ChallengeThe third place winner of Profession category is David Aguero! Congratulations! His artwork, Leaving the colony, stands out for its rich colors, exquisite details and excellent composition with a sense of depth.“A spaceship is leaving a town on the bottom of a cliff. The town appears to be some sort of a mining operation or settlement. The artist used colors and surface materials very effectively. The color of the town is like the rocks and doesn't look like a very good place to live. The spaceship is painted green and looks very different from the town. It makes me wonder if the spaceship is escaping from the dying town or on a mission to save it, but it looks like a great adventure is waiting for the people aboard.” One of our judges, Miho Aoki said, who is the Associate Professor of Computer Art University of Alaska Fairbanks.Here’s the interview between David and Fox Renderfarm, in which we can find out how he created this wonderful 3D render.!Leaving the colony © David AgueroLeaving the colony © David Aguero Fox Renderfarm: Hi, David! Thank you for accepting our interview. Congratulations for winning third place in the FGT3D Explorer Challenge, how do you feel about it ?David: It feels amazing! I love to create art especially when the subject matter is one of my favourites. Fox Renderfarm: Could you share with us your inspiration/references/mood board for the work Leaving the colony?!Project Eagle © Brennan MassicotteProject Eagle © Brennan Massicotte !Exploration © JULIAN CALLEExploration © JULIAN CALLE !EXO - Mechanized Mars Exploration Rover © Daniele SolimeneEXO - Mechanized Mars Exploration Rover © Daniele Solimene Fox Renderfarm: How long did it take to finish the work? And what software and plugins did you use?David: 10 days in free time, from 2 to 3 hours, I use Lightwave 3D 2020, World Creator and Affinity Photo. Fox Renderfarm: The artwork builds a strong story, which is fantasy. Could you share with us the story behind it?David: The back story: the colony didn’t progress as expected, so, resource to make a self sustained living wasn't possible, everyone is dead or left the colony some time ago, the last colonist put together a small shuttle (the shuttle was for low flight scouting, it took some years to be modified for planetary capabilities, also the low gravity of the planet was handy) . Fox Renderfarm: Did you make the model of the colony and aircraft from scratch? Could you share with us the modeling process?David: I made all from scratch, for the ship I first used a kitbash technique for rapid prototyping, then some classic modeling. For the city was made very low poly, and thinking like lego parts.!Leaving the colony © David Aguero-1!Leaving the colony © David Aguero-2!Leaving the colony © David Aguero-3 Fox Renderfarm: We were all impressed by the rich colors of the work, how did you set the color to make sure the harmonious colours and the right balance?David: That took some serious tweak on the materials, the light and the atmosphere, but with some color theory in the head, oranges and blues are always great looking color palettes. Fox Renderfarm: Did you meet any difficulties when creating this work? And how did you solve it?David: The problem I encountered in order to put the ship in the foreground, I needed it to lower the contrast for the background with more fog, so the illusion of being quite far doesn't break, it was hard to get the right amount, so the background doesn’t get lost, too. Fox Renderfarm: As the old friend of Fox Renderfarm, do you have any new projects or plans to share with us?David: I have been working full time now as Art Director, so my job now is more to manage other artists. Also, my current job has an NDA.Pwnisher Alternate Realities Challenge Submission © David Aguero !Healing © David AgueroHealing © David Aguero !haunted hall © David Aguerohaunted hall © David Aguero !The Last Shuttle © David AgueroThe Last Shuttle © David Aguero !The harvest © David AgueroThe harvest © David Aguero Fox Renderfarm: As a successful CG artist and entrepreneur, what do you think are the most important factors in making a successful commercial artwork?David: Stay fresh, every new show, movie, artist, you need to follow the trend to stay updated with all the amazing art out there. Fox Renderfarm: Any other things you want to share with the CG enthusiasts?David: For young artists, try to enter as many challenges as you can. It is perfect to do your own things and practice, grow your portfolio and win some amazing tools along the way. Practice makes the master.

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