Account registration

I. Registration via official website

1.Visit the official website to click the Register button.

account-registration v4-001

2.Input the registration information on the registration page.

account-registration v5-002

account-registration v5-003

  • 2.1 Username: 6-20 characters including numbers, letters or underscores.
  • 2.2 Password: 8-18 characters including numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • 2.3 Phone: mobile phone number
  • 2.4 Business type: has impact on the registration entry recommendation and pricing

3.Enter the validation code, click “Confirm” and then the registration is successful.

account-registration v5-004

account-registration v4-005

II. Registration via the client

Enable the client, click “Register” and it goes to registration page. (please refer to the registration via website).

account-registration v4-006

account-registration v5-007

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