Halloween Giveaway: Spice up 3D Creation with Render Farm Coupon


Giveaway: Spice up Halloween 3D Creation with Render Coupon

Halloween 3D Creation

Wanna add some spice to your spooky Halloween 3D creation? Come and find us on Facebook. US$1,000 render coupons are waiting for you!

↓How to participate ↓

1.Like the post (click);

2.Follow Fox Renderfarm.

  • 10 Winners will be chosen randomly;
  • One US$100 render coupon for each winner;
  • Enjoy powerful cloud render farm for spooky Halloween render;
  • Winner will be announced on November 6 (UTC+8).
  • Participate now! Good luck!

Juhaidah Joemin, Great Woman in CG

As one of the 1st-generation practitioners of the CG industry in Malaysia, Juhaidah Joemin devotes to the development of the CG film and television industry in Malaysia. She is also the co-founder and Managing Director of Giggle Garage Sdn Bhd, who has produced numerous popular animated TV series for children.

Juhaidah Joemin's works

Fox Renderfarm was honored to have an interview with Juhaidah, who shared the aspiration and interesting stories along her CG journey.

Juhaidah Joemin, Great Woman in CG

Fox Renderfarm: Being an entrepreneur, any challenges when building your own studio, developing your own IP and even marketing it?

Juhaidah: Being a start-up, I guess the main challenge is...read more

Welcome to join us

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Call for Submissions: SIGGRAPH Asia 2020
Call for Submissions: SIGGRAPH Asia 2020
Dear friends, The SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Computer Animation Festival is open for submissions by 31 July, 2020, 23:59 UTC/GMT! As the long-term partner of SIGGRAPH Asia, Fox Renderfarm is committed to providing more opportunities for CG artists to show their talents. Hence, we would like to invite CG artists around the world to submit your projects and showcase the world’s most innovative and excellent computer animation. The submission deadline is July 31, 2020. Visit the SACAF 2020 webpage for more information, including how to submit, submission rules and requirements, and an FAQ. Or, you can submit your work directly by logging into the SIGGRAPH Asia Submission System. Stay safe, keep creating, Fox Renderfarm hopes to see you at SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Computer Animation Festival this coming November! Fox Renderfarm Team Submit Now Exclusive Interview How to Build a Realistic Character in Maya This video has been made as a technical test for his short film, André Jukebox. It tells a story about André, a busker, who intends to pursue a life doing music, his main passion, despite being born and raised in the marginality... Read more... CG Challenge The FGT3D “Hero” Challenge is Still Ongoing! Come shine your talent and loads of prizes are waiting for you! Submit Now
FGT3D ‘Hero’ Challenge Is Online NOW!
FGT3D ‘Hero’ Challenge Is Online NOW!
Dear, Fox Renderfarm is excited to announce that FGT3D ‘Hero’ Challenge is online NOW! The 3D challenge theme is Hero! Come shine your talent and loads of prizes are waiting for you! Learn more about the RULES and PRIZES. TIME FOR ENTRIES: June 22nd - September 6th, 2020 (UTC+8) SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY to FGT3D@foxrenderfarm.com Enjoy your creation and happy render! Fox Renderfarm Team PRIZES SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY NOW
Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for April 30, 2020
Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for April 30, 2020
Fight COVID-19 With CG Art What is the shape of COVID-19 in your mind? During the quarantine period, the CG artists confront coronavirus in their creative ways. Fox Renderfarm collects some creative 3D rendering artworks and the inspirations behind... Read more --- Making Machinery Style Coronavirus in Blender Have you ever seen machinery style coronavirus? Artist Kyle Yeap from Malaysia created an artwork named COVID-19 Mine. The shape of a naval mine implies that the virus will explode at any time if people bump into it... Read more --- ‘The War on Hoarding' Episode 1: Toilet Paper ©Marien Singbo The War on Hoarding in Cinema 4D I made it in Cinema 4D with Redshift. My inspiration came from running out of toilet paper basically. I had to go on pilgrimage over 3 hours, through 4 stores here in London before I finally found some toilet paper... Read more --- EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Simulating the creating process of artistic Easter eggs in 3ds Max and Substance Painter. Read more Stay Hungry for the Inspirations and let the Creative Juices Flow Through You. Read more Never Lose the Passion to Learn and Create Your Own CG Worlds. Read more Reproducing the Moment of Resurrection in 3ds Max and V-Ray. Read more

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