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Lucky Users

  • hey**n won $20 Fox Renderfarm coupon
  • cen**l won $100 Fox Renderfarm coupon
  • hyen**m won $20 Fox Renderfarm coupon
  • ja**z won $200 Fox Renderfarm coupon
  • Si**n won $20 Fox Renderfarm coupon
  • Zi**d won $500 Fox Renderfarm coupon
  • hi** won $20 Fox Renderfarm coupon
  • gu* won $20 Fox Renderfarm coupon
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Every customer can get the same amount of coupon as per your recharged credits.

E.g. Recharge $100 will get a total of $100 credits + $100 coupon

Note: Every customer will enjoy the extra credit coupon for the first time purchase during the celebration. Get Extra Credits Now!

Free Credits for Each Promotion

Get at least $50 from Your Friend’s Purchase

Every customer can get a $50 coupon Each Time you invite one friend to register and recharge any amount of credits with us.

E.g. Jack invites Simon and Chris to successfully register and recharge $100 with us, so Jack would get a total of $50*2=$100 coupon.

Note: Your friends should paste your username in the Referrer field when register.
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1. The presents coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.

2. Any malicious registrations will not receive any gifts.

3. All the gift coupons from "Pay $1 Get Extra $1" & "Free Credits for Each Promotion" sections will be sent out within a week, please contact us if you didn't get it.

4.Please contact us if you get the Fox Renderfarm Diamond, Amazon Gift Card or Vimeo Plus prize in the lucky wheel.

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