Fox’s Got Talent 3D Challenge
Fox’s Got Talent 3D Challenge
Fox's Got Talent 3D Challenge
Theme: Easter Egg

Spring has sprung, Easter is coming soon. Speaking of Easter eggs, you may have the image of rabbits holding colorful eggs, or you may think about the variety of candies and chocolates. And if you are a movie fan, lots of hidden surprises will conjure up in your mind… Whatever Easter Egg means to you, set your imagination free, create a 3D render, and tell us your story.

Enjoy your creation and happy render!


3 artworks will be selected and awarded with fast and easy cloud rendering services provided by Fox Renderfarm, and a huge amount of textures and models provided by

1st Place Winner

$500 Render

Membership x 3 months
2nd Place Winner

$300 Render

Membership x 2 months
3rd Place Winner

$200 Render

Membership x 1 month

Besides, the winning artworks will gain a great amount of exposure and publicity.


Interview with Fox Renderfarm


Advertisement and promotion on our official website, social media accounts, and newsletters.


Fox Renderfarm has close cooperation with multiple excellent CG studios and artists worldwide, come and shine your talent on the global stage!

How to submit

Your entry must relate to the challenge’s theme (we strongly encourage you to set your imagination free)

Your entry must be a 3D rendered image

Your entry can be created by one artist or a group

There’s no limitation on styles and the choices of software and plugins

Your entry must be original art created specifically for the challenge (no existing projects)

Minimal use of third party assets is allowed, as long as they are not the main focus of your scene (third party textures and materials are not included in this p and can be used freely)

No fanart allowed

Feel free to enhance your rendering

Images that depict hate, racism, sexism or other discriminatory factors are not allowed

Works must be submitted before the deadline

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