There Are Six Spider-Man, How Can the Villains Be Less?

There Are Six Spider**-Man, How Can the** Villains Be Less?


**Spider**-Man: Into the **Spider**-Verse

**The** 2018 American computer-animated superhero film, Spider****-**Man**: **Into** **the** **Spider****-**Verse**, recently announced **the** role of **the** villains, and **the** six **Spider****-**Man** will unite against **the** villains to save **the** world toge**the**r. 	**The** film jointly produced by Columbia Pictures,Marvel and Sony Pictures Animation, **the**y have announced **the** role of **the** villains recently. **The**re are six **spider****-**man**, how can **the** villains be less? 	First, about **the** three major villains in **the** poster. **The** real name of **the** Green Goblin, Nor**man** Osborne, is a corrupt business**man** and scientist whose experiments with genetic mutation, he possessed superhu**man** strength. Scorpion, real name is Mac Gargan, was a private investigator who was hired by J. Jonah Jameson. **The** villain's big boss, Kingpin, its real name Wilson Fiske, is **the** head of New York’s corporate crime, a ruthless business**man** who has no qualms about killing those who get in his way.. This time, Kingpin will spare no effort to pursue **the** revenge against **Spider****-**Man** Peter Parker, and even lead to **the** chaotic coincidence of **the** parallel uni**verse**. **The** six **Spider****-**Man** ga**the**r toge**the**r and launched a thrilling battle with **the** villains! In **the** special edition of **The** War is Coming, Kingpin screams and warns **the** superhero while roaring; **the** Green Goblin's eyes are stunned, and **the** poisonous tongue "beast" is unobstructed, Scorpion chasing **the** female **spider**** Gwen step by step. **The** battle became more and more exciting, and **the** **Spider****-**Man** was even forced to a dead end! How will **the**y resolve **the** crisis? How will we defeat **the** evils to save **the** world? Stay tuned!.**The** film was very popular after it was released in North America on **the** 14th. **The** first weekend of **the** box office swept through 35.4 million US dollars, won **the** weekly crown, and set a new record for **the** cartoon in December! 

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