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Evergreen Program is Officially ON!Get Render Coupon & Gold MembershipTo benefit more individual artists and SMEsHand in hand, let’s grow together Limited Time Offer For New Users!!!To accomplish your first top-up and get Render Coupon & Gold Membership! Evergreen ProgramEvergreen Program is launched by Fox Renderfarm to benefit more individual artists and SMEs, which in turn to prosper with the CG community as a whole hand in hand.The pandemic rages, yet it can never suffocate vigor and vitality. The economic consequences need time to alleviate, what’s more pivotal, the wounded souls need more artistic and creative expressions to heal.Fox Renderfarm has contemplated what more we can do to make your projects “come true” with a fast and easy rendering experience while enjoying the greatest and the most cost-effective cloud rendering services. So we push the boundary once again. We have decided to launch Evergreen Program to benefit more individual artists and SMEs. However, we might not be able to make it for a very long time.Grab the chance, and let’s grow together! RulesFor every new user*!evergreen program1. Any new user whose first top-up is equal to/ above $10 and under $100 will get a $15 render coupon.2. Any new user whose first top-up is equal to/ above $100 and under $2000 will get a $30 render coupon, and also a 90-day Gold Membership, which is 20% off for CPU rendering, and 30% off for GPU rendering.3. Any new user whose first top-up is equal to/ above $2,000 will get a $30 render coupon, and Gold, Platinum or Diamond membership accordingly. The more you recharge, the more you save, you can save up to 50%.4. All users will follow the regular membership scheme according to the accumulated recharge amount after the 90 days.5. All the coupons offered will be validated before 12/ 31/ 2021.6. Fox Renderfarm reserves the rights to alter, amend or add these conditions at any time without prior notice.* *New User: User registered in 2021 who is ready to accomplish the first top-up.

What is cloud-based rendering?


cloud rendering

With the development of cloud computing, cloud-based rendering has come out in the CG industry. What is cloud-based rendering? Cloud-based rendering, aka cloud rendering, is a cloud service that relies on cloud computing, also you can call it an online render farm. That means users submit a local file to a cloud server, then a remote computer cluster completes the rendering. Finally, users shall download the rendered task from the cloud server.Cloud-based rendering refers to the technology that transfers the 2D or 3D graphics rendering from the client to the cloud server, the application of cloud rendering can greatly simplify the client. That’s to say, with display and network access functions, users can enjoy top-level graphics processing capabilities, which will make the same graphics application appear on different terminal devices without distinction. What difficulties does cloud rendering face?The difficulties faced by cloud rendering are more complex than conventional cloud computing applications. This is mainly due to the demanding requirements of 3D rendering for hardware performance and command response. The cloud rendering system may face the rendering requests of thousands of users, which will be huge pressure on the back-end server system. Compared with conventional cloud computing applications, when cloud-based rendering meets the needs of the same number of users, the hardware performance needs at least several tens of times higher than that of cloud computing, such as Gmail, Google Docs, and other commercial applications to scientific computing. Cloud rendering requires servers with amazing graphics performance, otherwise, it cannot meet the simultaneous rendering requests of a large number of users.1. Efficient data transmission or synchronization capabilities2. Efficient and accurate matching between the cloud computing environment and the user's local CG production environment3. Network and storage. Cloud rendering needs to connect to mass storage to save the rendered digital content products. Rendering 1 hour of HD sequence requires about 1TB of storage resources. When all rendering servers output data to the central storage at the same time, network planning becomes a yardstick to measure the final performance of the cluster system.4. Efficient, stable, and reasonable task distribution management tool. No matter how strong a single rendering node is, it will also cause a waste of resources without good management. Rendering management does not simply the arrangement of render machines. Qualified rendering management solutions embrace a well-designed system architecture. Different technical indicators need different solutions. It can be said that the hardware selection and construction only completed 20% of the overall construction of the render farm and 50% of the effort needed to plan the rendering investment.5. Cluster computing has a problem of efficiency. The number of CPUs and rendering time will be different from the actual situation, and the actual time used by different systems is not the same. The larger the number of CPUs, the shorter the rendering time, and they are inversely proportional. But in fact, the time spent on animation rendering and the number of CPUs is not linearly inversely proportional. The key to the problem lies in communication and software algorithms, including network communication and communication between the PC's internal CPU, memory, and hard disk. How many node computers, based on the number of CPUs, are used in the system are also issues that need to be considered. This requires a cluster rendering management software with excellent algorithms for scheduling to exert the performance of each CPU. What are the advantages of using a cloud-based rendering services? 1. Powerful rendering speedFox Render**farm is one of the top three render** farms in the world with plenty of rendering nodes and flexible solutions, which could definitely save your time in the rendering process. 2. Secure & ConfidentialFox Render**farm has implemented a set of security strategies including banking security level computing center, Uninterruptible Power Supply, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, and strong encryption of data transmission. Fox Render**farm has successfully completed MPAA’s Content Security Best Practices and officially become a TPN accredited vendor. We are committed to building a more secure cloud render farm that better protects the privacy of the project of our beloved customers. 3. 24/7 Customer Service and Technical SupportFox Render**farm has an outstanding team with over 20 years’ experience in the CG industry. Around the clock customer service and technical support could always be a lifesaver if users met any problem when rendering.We also provide customized rendering services and a Key Account service team, which aims to provide the best cloud rendering solutions and technical support for our dear customers. 4. Affordable pricingFox Render**farm offers students, teachers, and educational institutions an affordable pricing scheme (Diamond level membership) to support educational purposes. We support flexible solutions with the best price for clients by lowering the cost from our end. 5. Easy to UseFox Render**farm has both webpage version and desktop client version, which are user-friendly, such as drag and drops project submission, preview during rendering, etc. The UI and pipeline are optimized continuously according to users' habits of the animation industry, which are easy to use.We also provide free services of Raysync Cloud for our users in the rendering process, which is a cloud-based platform for data storage and transferring at a high speed. 6. CSR: Green Data CenterThe electricity of Fox Render**farm's green data center is all generated by wind and water power which is natural & clean. The data center is located where the climate is dry and the temperature is extremely low all year round, so it's not necessary to use air conditioners for cooling most times. The average PUE of our data center is under 1.2 which means the energy-saving ability is highly effective. Every time you use Fox Render**farm for render**ing, you are making contributions to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

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The Unlimited Render Rental Service allows you to rent your own physical machines on our render farm with the setup, software, power, maintenance & technical support all provided by us. The service is a high priority reservation and it is perfect for users that will be continuously submitting an unlimited amount of rendering tasks for a certain period. You will have instant access to your reserved machines once the service is purchased and confirmed. - About Render Nodes Rental SPRING SALE!- Rent physical machines with the setup, software, power, maintenance & technical support all provided by Fox Render**farm.- For CPU Rendering ONLY- Minimum rental of 20 render nodes for 1 week- 8th February - 31st March 2021 (UTC+8)If you are interested to purchase or inquire regarding the Unlimited Render Rental Service, please email your account manager or gordon@foxrender** for price and details.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that some artist needs to lockdown in-home. As the largest render farm in the CG industry, Fox Render**farm is always back with you, to encourage 3d artists can more focus on creation, we offer a big discount for you. So, Fox Render**farm Spring Sale is live!Get 100% CPU Render Coupon Back on Recharges of $200 & above.Double your render credits, boost your render speed8th February - 8th March 2021 (UTC+8)CPU coupon's validity time: 8th February - 31st March 2021 (UTC+8).Recharge more and get more now: https://task.foxrender**farm**.com/sso/signinNote: valid for CPU rendering within the official pricing scheme.

What is an online render farm?


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An online render farm is also known as a parallel computing system with distributed clusters. It is a computer system built with CPU or GPU servers, Ethernet, and operating systems to get the computing power of the supercomputer, which allows users to submit and manage render jobs through web or desktop client, SDK, etc.An online render farm, it's some kind of online service in which the users can upload their work to the render farm company, and using their massive rendering nodes to help render your work to save time and money. Like the best online render farm Fox Render**farm, always provides massive rendering nodes for users to render their projects and shorten their rendering time to meet their tight deadlines. Here are some must-have features for the online* render farm:1. Desktop AppIt can help easily upload and download your render work with just drag or drop, some app can even preview the rendering performance.2. 724 Customer ServiceAround the clock customer service is very important for such an online render farm.3. High SecurityNo one will expect his render work will be leaked to the public, especially for some big companies.4. Competitive PricingEveryone knows how important it is, right?.5.High PerformanceOnly high performance makes sense, it could help save us time and energy.6. Widely Supported Renders and PluginsThere are a lot of people using different renders and plugins, only widely supported renders and plugins can meet most people's requirements.7.Available AnytimeHigh availability means you can render your work anytime. Don't need to wait too much time in the queue.

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The current situation with the spread of infection does not greatly stimulate the field of computer graphics regarding interesting news. Especially good ones. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be able in different situations to look for something positive and new ways and opportunities.We have repeatedly noted that the skill and experience of using online render farms are very useful, even if you are involved in simple architectural visualizations and your computer can easily cope with rendering. At some point, quality requirements can go off-scale or tighten the deadlines, and here the render of the farm will always come to the rescue. There’s nothing to say about animation - instead of rendering for days, you can pay a reasonable amount of money and hand over the project in 1 day, to do something else.Among the excuses that I often heard about the impossibility of using render farms, the following were most often mentioned:- There is no time (well, ok, now everyone has abruptly enough time)- I have my own render farm at work (now many studios will be reduced and maybe it’s worth preparing for work on freelance)- Now there is no need (when the need arises, it is usually too late one hour before the project is completed to learn something new)In short, dear friends, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the best offers of farm renderings that we have to provide and recommend. Fox Render**farm Special OfferFox Render**farm is one of the most famous and successful farms, noted not only for quality services for studios and freelancers from around the world but also for participating in large-scale full-length projects! Our render farm allows you to send to the render both through the software installed on the computer or web and through your personal account, which, by the way, has become much prettier after the latest updates both in design and functionality.Almost any popular 3D software, GPU, or CPU rendering - Fox Render**farm will easily render any project in a short time because they have Alibaba Cloud Computing as partners.Usually, Fox Render**farm offers new users $ 25 when registering, and if you are a student or educator, freelancers, you can easily apply and get your special discount and exclusive offer from our render farm.Welcome to have a free trial and get your special discount.

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In the film and animation industry, we call the Cluster a "render farm". Many network management technicians like to call "cluster computing systems", and industry insiders prefer to call it "render farm."!render farmAs users have higher and higher requirements for the quality of CG projects, the demand for local machine configuration upgrades is getting higher and higher. At the same time, higher and higher quality CG projects mean that rendering also requires a lot of time. This is especially true for individual users. The higher the quality of the final image, the longer the rendering time, which is also the most time-consuming step in production.So, how much time can we save if we use an online render farm for rendering project? Will work efficiency be improved?!Toy Story 4These amazing details of Toy Story 4 also require an amazing amount of rendering to achieveThe first thing to understand is that rendering speed is closely related to the production of files and computer hardware. The larger the file or the more special effects, the slower the rendering will be. Computer hardware can increase speed slightly with files of the same size. Or you can optimize the production file or use some other tools to improve the rendering speed. Pixar used a noise reduction software in Toy Story 4 and cut the rendering time in half.Take an interior design work as an example. If you want to render a picture with a resolution of 6000X4500, the rendering time of a personal computer is about 6 to 10 hours. If you use an online render farm, you may only need 1 or 2 hours or even less.And if the computer freezes or errors when rendering for a long time, the previous rendering time may be wasted.Is render farms much faster than personal computers?Why is it much faster than a personal computer? After the user uploads the file to the render farm, the system will assign a task to multiple servers to work at the same time. The same configuration of 10 or 100 machines renders at the same time, which is naturally much faster than a computer. So it can be assumed that a 10-second special effects shot takes 10 hours for a local single machine rendering. If 10 machines are used for rendering, then the rendering time becomes 1 / 10th of an hour, which is 1 hour. If 100 machines are used for rendering it can be rendered in less than 10 minutes.It can call a large number of machines in a short time, and it seems that only the render farm can complete it. So do you now know how much time a render farm can save you? If you still don't know how much time you can try to use our render farm calculator to make a rough estimate, the more accurate method is to use our render farm for submission calculations. Welcome to get a $25 free trial.

What is the difference between a traditional render farm and a cloud rendering render farm?


Online Render Farm

What is the difference between a traditional render farm and a cloud rendering render farm?Generally, a render farm is a cluster of computers used to provide CGI (computer-generated imagery) through a batch processing method. While, a traditional one means building it on your own, which means you need to buy a lot of computers and fix them yourself whenever there is a problem. It is a local render farm, use local nodes.Cloud rendering render farm, aka cloud render farm, online render farm, is a render centre that you can send your asset and render from far away, they are connected by the internet, “Cloud”, means internet. It becomes a kind of online services for artists to upload their tasks to the services providers, and download their final render results when completed. However, when render farm is put on the ‘cloud’ it means faster because commercial render farms have better and more high capacity nodes, and some of them provide customer services and TD support for technical issues, like Fox Render**farm. For eg, you are in India and you use cloud rendering render* farm, wherever their servers are in, you still can use their platform to control their nodes to render your files, it can save your local hardware cost. if you don't have a stable render, using a cloud render farm would be much better than build an in house render farm, low cost and higher efficiency. The advantages of using a cloud rendering render farm, 1. Powerful rendering speedThe top render farm companies can provide thousands of rendering nodes which have powerful CPUs and GPUs, it could definitely save your time on the rendering process. 2. Cost EffectiveCompared with the traditional render farm, it would be much more cost-effective especially for a big project. You don't need to spend too much money to purchase hardware and maintain the network, and don't need to hire people to manage it. 3. 247 Customer Service and Technical SupportAround the clock customer service and technical support could always be a lifesaver if we met any problem when rendering but don't know how to solve it. The professional service team could totally help you with that. 4. Easy to Use Desktop AppSome online render farms have their own desktop app which has a lot of great features, such as drag and drop project submission, preview during rendering, automatically uploading and downloading project etc. The disadvantages of using a cloud rendering render farm, 1. SecuritySome small render farm will not sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement with customers, so you'd better find some high reputation company who had worked with big producing companies on famous films, if ever worked with OSCAR winners would be the best. 2. Software, Render and Plugin CompatibilityDifferent people would have different habits, so the more software, render & plugin the cloud render farm supports, the better. And if the online render farm can even support custom's own plugin, it would be a great added-value service.Putting everything done on cloud is a kind of trend with a high-speed internet connection and large data transmission become more and more available. But the choice between the traditional one and online render farm depends on the needs of the project. But it’s always worth trying the cloud render farms, coz most of them give new users a free trial, like Fox Render**farm**, US$25 free trail is waiting for you.

Are render farms worth it?


Render Farm

Are render farms worth it? The answer is sure, YES. When your project is tight, the render farm can accelerate the rendering speed of your project, greatly reducing rendering time, and allowing your project to be completed ahead of or on time. Render**farm is also a good choice when your local machine can't meet the urgent rendering needs, reducing your cost, labor, and resources, but achieving the desired results. When your local machine doesn't fit your rendering needs well, you don't need to upgrade your device, use the render** farm, it's easy to use anywhere, anytime.Are render farms worth it? Why it's worth using, first let's understand what a render farm is. A render farm is a large group of computers designed and organized to meet rendering services, each called a node. The calculations that occur are called parallel calculations because each node can be given a specific and unique task, so their calculations can occur in parallel (simultaneously).Typically, the task of the host computer is to assign tasks to each render node, and the software application that does this is called rendering management software or queue manager, and each render farm has its own management software.The job assigned to each node by the host computer can be a series of images, a shot, or one of the layers (channels) or other parts of a shot. The host computer must be able to intelligently assess the needs of the entire job, the capabilities of each node, and the current network state. Once the render node has finished rendering, immediately assign another task and keep the busy state of all nodes.!Are render farms worth itRender farms have more than one hundred rendering servers compared to the normal rendering process, and even have greater scale and adjustability. And the software, renderers and plug-ins that the render**farm can support are richer. Professional commercial render** farms require professional staff to coordinate and solve problems encountered in various renderings. Even with greater rendering requirements, the render farm can complete the rendering work as time demands.Are render farms worth it? When you use a normal computer to complete a rendering task, it may take hours or even days to complete them. A powerful render**farm with multiple render nodes can be rendered in a few minutes. Using Fox Render**farm as an example, sometimes your local computer takes 1 month to complete the rendering task, but only 5 mins or less to complete the rendering task with Fox Render**farm. And in the process, if there is any problem occurred, the rendering software will find and issue an alert to let the staff know, instead of the artist always staring at the computer.So the render** farm is better able to control the time and labor costs in the production, helping the artists to focus on the creation. For rendering? Please hand it to the online render farm.

How to use online render farms?


Online Render Farm

How to use online render farms? To use an online render farm is very useful for your project, will shorten your rendering time and accelerate your rendering speed. You no need to update your local machine with high hardware configuration, sometimes these will cost a lot of money. During the rendering, if you use your local machine, you can’t do any other things, because your computer is occupied. When using an online render farm to render your job, you can leave it alone, and use your computer to do what the other things you want.The most important advantage to use a render**farm is that maybe you render the project in your own machine needs more than two days, a week, even more than one month. When using an online** render farm, it is just a coffee time, even one-month render project sometimes only 5 minutes to finish in some situation. So, how to use online render farms? Let’s take Fox Render**farm as an example. Account registrationVisit our official website https://www.foxrender**, and click the “Register” button on the top and right side of the page.!account-registration-v1-001Please input your registration information according to the form, and then, finish the next step. When you see this page as follow, registration successful! You’ve got a $20 coupon already after you select your rendering software, then you can get another $5 coupon, there are $25 coupons in total at your account.!account-registration-v1-005 Web submit tutorial1. Click “Assets” in the left side to upload assets, and follow the prompts to install the transfer, then upload the file.!How to use online render farms - Step one 2. Click “New Job”, to select a scene file, add a software config, and submit the job to the Analysis list. !How to use online render farms - Step two 3. Click “Analysis”. After the scene analysis is complete, set the rendering parameters and submit them to the Render list.!How to use online render farms - Step three4. Click “Render”. Download the image or video after the rendering is complete.!How to use online render farms - Step four Fox Render**farm supports two ways to download and upload, render your project, besides via the web, you can also download via the desktop client to submit the job. If you do not need to modify the parameters during the submission process, you can turn off “Enable scene parameters modification”. !How to use online** render farms - Step five !How to use online render farms - Step six How to use a render farm? It is so easy to use it, why don’t you experience it by yourself now.

What is an online render farm?


Online Render Farm

What is an online render farm? First, let's learn about what is a render**farm?In fact, render**farm should be called Cluster Computing. It has many advantages in rendering. A Cluster Computing has built with amounts of servers, among of them, a server also as a render node. With Cluster Computing, a complex model can be quickly rendered, and the time can be compared to local computer rendering, which can be shortened to 1/8, 1/10. How does render**farm work?The main working principle of render**farm is to use a server as the render master to manage and allocate the same work tasks to multiple render nodes via Ethernet. When a rendering task is transferred to the render master via Ethernet and from a PC with the render**farm software installed, multiple render nodes connected to it will process the rendering command in parallel. After the operation is completed, the rendered still picture sequence or dynamic video is stored to Ethernet. Then download it to the user's local computer via Ethernet, which is actually the online** render farm. What role does online render farm play in the production of the CG industry?At present, the proportion of visual effects films in the film industry is increasing, especially for 3D animated films, which are inseparable from the render farm in the post-production. Moreover, in the production files of those movies, it is not just one or two frames, and a movie rendering takes at least a few weeks or even longer. Therefore, those 3D animation and visual effects studios usually rent commercial render farms for rendering to ensure the progress of the work. What are the advantages of using an online render farm?The advantages of using an online render farm are,1. The general computer clusters are relatively large in scale.There are more than one rendering server, like Fox Render**farm, there are thousands of machines available, massive rendering nodes, and high availability, no waiting necessary.2. Supporting multiple 3d software, renderers and plug-insBecause render** farms typically rely on its management software, rendering cluster management software typically supports mainstream 3d software, renderers and plug-ins.!what is an online render farm3. ServiceRendering by render farm, you can uploading, rendering and downloading whenever you want. If you encounter any problems in the process, a professional technical director will help you to solve the problems. Using a render farm is saving a lot of time for the VFX studio/ company. Moreover, it also saves a large part of the manpower, material resources and budget for the studio and the company. As the cheapest online render farm in the CG industry, Fox Render**farm's service and quality have been recognized by many studios, companies and 3d artists, truly providing quality service and reasonable prices.If you want to know which online** render farm is the cheapest and supports the best service, Fox Render**farm** offers a free trial of $25, welcome experience.

Can my PC be turned off when using a renderfarm?


Render Farm

Cloud rendering is based on the cloud render farm, users can package their own files, then upload, rendering and download on a render**farm. There are two ways can be chosen to submit your rendering task, in addition to the webpage, the packaged file can be uploaded to the cloud rendering server via the desktop client. So, can the PC be turned off when using a render**farm desktop client or web? Can I disconnect from the network during transmission or after the transfer is completed?So let's first look at the way how your rendering task be transmitted on cloud render farm.When users use render**farm, they need to pack their own files with various settings and upload them from the client /webpage. However, when the upload is still not completed, it is not possible to turn off the computer, and it cannot be disconnected. Take Fox Render**farm as an example. If the network is disconnected or the computer shut down during the upload process, the upload will be interrupted. However, when you open the render**farm desktop client /webpage again or connect to the network, you will resume the breakpoint.When the user has uploaded all the files, and the render**farm has shown that all files has uploaded completely, the computer can be turned off or disconnected from the network. Render**farm will render in its own server. Users' operations on their own computers will not affect the uploaded files, and there are many ways to query the rendering progress of their files.After the files uploaded, if you have WeChat installed on your mobile phone, you can query the rendering progress and results at any time in the WeChat Mini Program. →Tutorial: Fox Render**farm Mini Program in WeChat.By the way, the difference between Fox Render**farm's desktop client and web page as follows: !Fox Render**farm desktop client tutorial Via Desktop Client- Business: Video businesses such as movie and television, advertising, special effects.- Submission: By dragging- System: Windows, Linux- Software: At present, the software supported by Windows version is 3ds Max, Maya, etc. The software currently supported by Linux has Maya, more software supported, and we are also stepping up research and development.- Quantity of frame: Single frame or multiple frames- Features: Intelligent analysis,uploading and downloading. Bulk submission supportable.!Fox Render**farm web tutorial Via Webpage- Business: Video businesses such as movie and television, advertising, special effects.- Submission: Via webpage- System: Windows, Linux, MacOS- Software: 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, VR Standalone, Clarisse, etc.- Quantity of frame: Single frame of multiple frames- Features: Uploading the elements first, and then cloud-enabled intelligent automatic analysis and rendering. Bulk submission supportable.Using the render**farm, whether you choose the web page or the desktop client, your render task doesn’t take up your local machine during rendering. You can also shut down the local machine during the rendering process and don't have to worry about network disconnection, which can greatly improve work efficiency and time saving. Finally, thank you again for choosing the best render**farm in the CG industry, Fox Render**farm. If you encounter any problems during the process, we provide 24/7 service, professional customer service staff and TD staff to serve you.

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